Staff Applications

Welcome to the staff application page! If you would like to apply to be a member of Pony's staff team, please fill out an application below!
These applications are meant to evaluate your disposition for the task you're applying for. Please know if you are denied, there is a 2 month (60 days) waiting period before you can reapply!

Below are the guidelines in which you will need to adhere to while applying for a staff member position:

Newbie Helper
*Age 16+
*Age 13+
*Player for at least 6 months
*Player for at least 2 months
*Thorough understanding of the rules
*Thorough understanding of Pony's gameplay
*BONUS: Prior moderator or newbie helper experience on other sims
*BONUS: Prior newbie helper experience on other sims
*Clean report/fine history from the last year
*At least 3.5 hours per week available for Pony's staff work (about 30min per day; this is not including your play time!), more time is better
†These will not apply for this staff search due to V2 changing not only the gameplay, but the rules as well.

Please select which position to apply for!

Application Position:

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Moderator application (started)
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Moderator application (started)
Moderator application (started)
Moderator application (started)

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