Recode Tracker!

I thought that you guys would appreciate seeing the progress of V2's different tasks needing done as it happens! This tracker will tell you what I'm working on and how close to completion I'm getting.

If you have any questions on what's on the list or why I'm working on what I'm working on, feel free to ask! I'll answer as soon as I see it! :D

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Task Started Completion Progress
Layout Yes!
Making Pony Pretty!
  • Framework for pages DONE!
  • Mobile Responsive (60% responsive - Working towards completion!)
  • Banners and Icons Initial banner and site icons added!
  • Color Schemes
    • Currently Forest Green
    • Summer Blue (Not Done)
    • Desert Sand Tan (Not Done)
    • Autumn Leaves Orange (Not Done)

Registration Yes!
Making it possible to sign up for a new account!

Need to make it possible to set birthday, gender, rider image!

Login Yes!
Being able to login with your account info. Need to still set for roll over feature! Login works, but rollover is buggy. Troubleshooting in progress...

Account Merge Yes!
Transfer a pre-existing account to V2!

Money/Rubies, facilities, barns, professional evals, player points and referral points transfer!

Need to set up transfers for account IDs, items (overhaul needs done first) and upgrade time. IDs and upgrades will be a simple fix to the current code, items will need an additional script

Able to buy horses from the store with randomly generated coat colors.

Colors are based on the breed's ability to have such colors as described by the breed registry.

It was made possible to buy multiple horses of the same age, breed and gender with a cap being the player's maximum number of store purchases.


Training Facilities No...
  • Facility Decay Rate (-0.01 - 0.05% per horse trained; -0.1 - 2% per show)
  • Able to submit a horse into a training arena to gain stats and training points
  • Facility slots for training multiple horses at once
  • Space Rentals
  • Show creation
  • Facility Repair (restores to 100% condition)

Showing System No...
  • Able to compete in both sport shows and conformation shows with horses
  • Hiring Judges for shows
  • Entry fee based prize purse
  • Breed and Size specific shows
  • Olympic Seasonal Events
  • Entrant based stat and show point rewards
  • Disqualification chance (slight chance with a Difficulty and Excitability booster)
  • Facility rentals by other players

A script that adds new breeds to Pony's database!
This script will automatically generate the minimum, maximum and cap on all stats for the breed.
The script also makes it possible to select which color options the breed can have available through the breeder store!


Breeding No...
Make it so a mare and stallion can breed in a 'live cover' or though artificial insemination.

Also have surrogates and sample collections as breeding options.

Studding options: Private (default) and Public; private stud requests will send the owner an alert and must be approved. Public stud requests will automatically breed the stud.

Item Overhaul No...
Update the item database to sort and improve items
  • Update Item Updater script to add additional stat boosts, stat decrease and to sort items based on its use
  • Sort items by use (tack, apparel, consumable, backgrounds, companions)
  • Update item images
  • Add the ability for players to create and design items using default item overlays
  • Add ability to buy staff-created custom items with unique images

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