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Sorry for Lack of Updates

Posted 09-27-18 4:17

Aela is going through a clingy row (I think she's starting to teethe). I can't set her down for longer than 5 minutes some days, I can't set her down at all on others ;w; (And I don't like the 'cry it out' thing some people advocate)

During this time, I've been practicing my drawing style, using ARPG to get some doodles in to vary my subjects and scenes (because I can only come up with but so many different 'new' things to practice on my own).

While I'm style building, I'll be doing some new drawing and painting techniques to see what feels right and easier to get a flow of work done to see what I might bring to Pony's art (I've considered redrawing the Chincoteague more than once and have also begun second guessing the AmCream >.>; So those might get revamped if I remain dissatisfied.)

If you guys have any questions or need anything, feel free to post here, PM me or post a notice on Pony's discord channel (I've moved back to the computer that has that installed ;w;)

Discord Link!

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Eidolon We can wait, baby comes first! Just don't wear yourself out trying to do everything all at once.

Lakia Ahh, Thank you for the update, Please no worries, sending you and baby calming thoughts.

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