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Florence Has Passed

Posted 09-17-18 12:21

So for my end, Florence turned out to be a thunderstorm having a temper tantrum >.>;; We did lose power one night, but I think that's because people in VA can't drive in anything more extreme than a drizzle and I think someone hit a powerline down the hill from my house....

I do know that the Carolinas were hit way worse and I hope anyone there is safe and well.

I am considering making a unique Pony item to gather donations for the rescue and relief efforts but can't think of anything horse related. Perhaps a life preserver ring; its not horse related, but could be a toy? Then, in V2, the horses/ponies can be holding it in various ways... For uses, perhaps it can add 1 year to your horse's death age? So if your horse is supposed to die at 20, it won't die until its 21 (But if you take it off after your horse hits 20, he'd die). It would be $3 each (you'll also get double rubies for each you buy) and proceeds will be sent to the Red Cross or any charity assisting with Florentine's destruction. Let me know what you guys think of this idea and I'll sketch out the preserver.

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Lakia Great to hear from you, relieved to know you are safe.
Hope to hear from those in the Carolinas soon.

Re: Pony Items:
The life preserver ring is perfect! I love the idea!
It is a great idea to purchase and for a very worthy cause.

History Information:
The only "horse related" item I can think of that relates to
water and horses in real-life are:
1) "Horse Canoes" transportation for horses, when traveling
on water ie: rivers. Still used today in tribal cultures,
2) Horse drawn boats (when there were no automobiles) used for building canals, hauling, rescues during natural disasters as well.

Thank you for your kindness helping those in need.

AerisLei I like this idea! And I'd definitely buy one if it were offered.

We are right on the coast of NC. While it hit the island way worse (mainly flooding) than the inland, we were without power for a while. We are just now arriving home and moving everything back in. Only went a city away, and it wouldn't leave! Ah, so rainy and dreary! Our family isn't really close so being stuck with them for a week sucked, lol. But all safe here, and I hope it went well for others! Also, the preserver is an awesome idea. I'd love to back it!

Cina Glad you are safe. I've already donated to a few different places, but for those who haven't and would like to I think this would be a great idea.

Eidolon Glad to ń•ear everyone is safe.

I think that the preserver is an awesome idea. I would buy a couple for sure.

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