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I Screwed Up the Cleaning... Also Weather Warning!

Posted 09-08-18 10:13

I mistakenly deleted some player barns and arenas while cleaning up the database. It was because I automated the script to delete them but I clearly did it incorrectly.

If you lost your stuff, post here with how many barns and stalls, horses and arenas you had. I will add the barns and arenas back and reimburse for the horses.

There is a hurricane that will be hitting Virginia later in the week (Tuesday or Wednesday, I was told)

So if I disappear for a while, I've lost power! D: I'll be able to keep you guys posted over my phone until that runs out of data, but I'd like to hope IF the power goes out, it wouldn't be out for very long (but with Katrina, we lost power for a whole week :/ I'm not holding my breath...)

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Cora II One 15 stall and one 10 stall.
No arenas. Don’t worry about the horses :)

Added the barns back! Sorry! ;A;

Uh I had one stable with 45 slots, if memory serves. I have no idea how many arenas I had as I had a lot. Don't remember if I had 2 or 3 Premium arenas, But I definitely had at least 2.

Lakia Please be safe out there :-)

Rising All of my horses, barn, and my arenas are gone. And I had finally gotten zebras!

Rising I believe that I had one barn with ten stalls and an indoor arena, race track, and a outdoor arena...maybe,

Reimbursed for the lost horses and arenas, added back in the barns and stalls!

Rising Thank you!

And I live right on the coast of NC, so hopefully it'll drop before it hits you guys! We've been prepping the past few days. Wish you well!

D: Be safe, Cosiel!

Lakia Please be safe, all are in my thoughts.

Eidolon TV news coverage looks terrifying, hope to hear that you guys are safe and sound. Come back soon.

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