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V2 Feature Votes

Posted 09-07-18 3:56

I have a few features that I had thought of that I had meant to ask you guys' opinions on as well as suggestions for features. I'll list them all here an you guys can vote on which ideas you like or what stipulations or changes you'd prefer!

Gestation Period Increase + Instant Birth Item
V1 currently has a 1-day (or less) gestation with foals being born at roll over. So you could literally breed 30 seconds before rollover and get a foal at 12 EST/Pony time. This was my own doing, but someone suggested extending it a bit. I thought of extending it to last 11 months Pony time (realistic equine gestation). That would be about 6 days IRL; to counter the extended timer, there will be a item to instantly foal your mare.

Catching Horses
V1 has a feature to catch horses and I can easily rework it for V2. I had a thought that would make this fun: Set up a travel location where you guys can visit places all over the world to catch horses that are feral. The adults will have high excitability and difficulty, but the foals will be random; all ages and colors will be random as well. None will be trained tho, so you would need to work them from the ground up.

Working Up Foals
Another thought I had was working with foals' training sessions to improve them. Conditioning would have a chance to raise their conformation stats (not by much, but it can improve them slightly), Temperament training can improve their difficulty and excitability. Stat training will (obviously) improve their stats directly. ALL will improve their stats and trust slightly, but stat training will give the largest improvement.

No Stat Limits
I currently have it set so horse breeds are added into the database with a max number of stats (both conformation and sport) and its a high number (over 300k total), but I have thought more than once about removing the limits on how many stats your horses can gain. This would mean that eventually, we'll need to add higher show tiers to better sort the horses (I have an idea on how to do this) but I could easily do that before testing ends if you guys would prefer.

Rider Influence
There was a suggestion to have it so riders could possibly influence the show scores (by either adding a penalty or adding a bonus). Shows are already going to have a chance at a judge bias (only for objective shows) and horses acting out (from difficulty or excitability). This would be based on your rider level; a lower level would have a slightly higher chance at a penalty while a higher level will have a slightly higher chance at a bonus. This won't always happen (just like you won't always win a judges favor in an objective show and your horse won't always act out.); each of the chance events (Judge, rider and horse event) will be on a random number generator and if they hit the cue number, the result will also be on a random number generator to determine if its good or bad as well as the points added or deducted. You will never lose more than 3 points per show level (higher level shows can lose more) but you can gain up to 5 points per level (higher levels gain more).

Let me know what you guys think of these ideas. I'm working on fixing up the aging script and the user interface (staff areas, barns, stables, breeding area, etc) before I get to the training, showing and breeding scripts. After that is done and working for me, I'll start bringing in you guys in groups of 5.

Additional Ideas!

Eidolon had a few great suggestions:

Rider Courses
Instead of rider skills being lumped under one level, we can separate the rider levels by sport (Basic Horsemanship, Dressage, Show Jumping, Gymkhana, etc) and each one will have its own tracker. Players will be able to train one area specifically to advance further in that sport and boost the odds of them succeeding in shows. This would be where the rider influence would take the more realistic effect into play; I (never having learned to race) would have a hard time riding a racing thoroughbred, but someone else (let's say Jen), who has studied how to race horses would do considerably better. I would have a much higher chance of messing up (and earning a point deduction) than Jen because she's more experienced.

Equine Psychology Course at the University Eidolon had the brilliant idea of making a course at the university for Equine Psychology to become a horse whisperer! If this course is added, we can make it so Horse Whisperers can catch wild horses with lower difficulty and excitability rolls than if they were caught by a non-whispering rider! Additionally, I think it would be a great idea to add in a boosted catch rate for Horse Whisperers for wild horses (since there's a chance at failing the catch or using the wrong equipment).
These ideas also gave me another idea that I hadn't thought of:

Scholarships and Accelerated Courses!
With a scholarship, you can pay for a portion of your classes! I'm thinking we can have a $5k, $10k, and $20k scholarship item that will reduce the amount of your courses by that much! These would be free, you just need to be lucky and find or earn one! The easiest way would be to apply for the lottery to earn one at the University (but it would be random and only one of each will be given every once in a while). Additionally, a Ruby Exchange item of a "Full Ride" scholarship would be available! It will cover the entire costs of any BASIC course you wish to take!

The accelerated courses will be shorter (45 and 30 minutes instead of 1 hour and 45 minutes) but will cost around 20-30% more to attend and you would have a certain amount of time to finish them by (I'm thinking around a month or two irl). If you have a scholarship, you CAN use it on this but they will not cover the additional 20-30% fee for the accelerated pace of the course. This means, even if you have a full ride option, you'll need to pay the remaining 20-30%.

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Lakia Gestation Period Increase + Instant Birth Item: I support
Catching Horses: Sounds like fun! I support
Working Up Foals: I support
No Stat Limits: Sounds great to me, I support

Rider Influence:
I think this idea should be more thought out prior to adding
it to v2,

With the university idea according to the "re-code tracker"
Maybe seasonal training camps or?

Send the rider to the university, take classes. etc, for their
professional careers. or seasonal/weekend training camps for
riders to raise their riding skills and/or riders professions?

ex: if rider wants to be a professional trainer in dressage etc.
rider goes to university takes class.

Results: if this rider is training/competing in racing,
-Scores/penalties would be low

If rider is training/competing horses in dressage
Scores would be higher with fewer penalties

Just a thought

Eidolon Gestation period yes

Catching wild horses yes, a thousand times yes!

Foal training yes

No stat limits not sure, maybe better if horses took slightly longer to level instead?

Rider influence how about if everybody started out with a flat base rate general riding skill, say level one, and gained skill points in different disciplines at riding school. They could learn different levels of horse care at university maybe with an option to study genetics or vet skills. They could also study equine psychology and biodynamics if they wanted to become trainers, blacksmithing and leatherwork to be tackmakers. Maybe even nutrition and agriculture for feed merchants.

Lakia Great idea Eidolon about the university.. :-)

Eidolon Thought of another one - equine psychology and mindfulness to become a horse whisperer. These players could tame wild horses or maybe just add bonuses so that wild horses become more managable.

Those are both fantastic ideas, Eidolon! The horse whisperer idea is complete brilliance and think that what we can do is have it so players that complete the equine psychology in the university will get the excitability and difficulty of wild adults to have considerably lower rolls for each tier they complete (since all of the professions are going to have 3-5 tiers)

I also really love the idea of players picking what areas of study they can focus on in the riding school; with this idea, we can have it so you get more of a chance at a bonus in areas you're skilled in and more of a chance at a penalty in areas you haven't studied. I'll try to add that into the default trainer area as a way to improve your riders early. I think possibly an hour for basic members and 45 minutes for upgraded members to 'study' in a sport to start them off at 20% of lvl 1.

I'll add these ideas into the main post (as well as another idea I had)

Lakia equine psychology and mindfulness to become a horse whisperer: I second that, brilliant! Im very excited about the university classes, When I saw that on the re-code tracker I jumped into excitement.

I am looking forward into V2. Im more than ready to go back to equine school :-)

Eidolon Are players going to have set professions? In some games you can either be a vet, tackmaker or rider, it might be nice to have a mix of skills like in real life. Some people might want to specialize in one area, while others might want to be able to do a bit of every thing.
What if everybody had a certain number of learning points to use however they want? I think riding skills would have to be a separate thing because it's the main focus of the game, but it would be cool to be a tackmaker/vet or a trainer/horsewhisperer. Of course you wouldn't be as skilled as somebody who specialized in those skills, but you would be able to utilize some of the bonuses.

Nope; you guys get to pick your own professions, Eidolon! :D You can take a course at the university (they start as 3 different groups) and then, depending on what your first course was, you'll get options to delve further into that field to specialize more and more into a particular profession!

And the way I have the university planned is you don't have to attend (by clicking a "Attend Class" button at the University) but you can earn exp in your field by doing tasks that relate to the field. So if you want to become a farrier, you can shoe your horses to gain some exp in that field of work. I will say now that attending class (about an hour) will provide the largest amount of exp for your professions, but the amounts you can gain from horse care will make a difference over time ;3

I can't remember all the professions I had planned off the top of my head, but there were quite a few good ones:
Trainer, vet, farrier, Riding instructor, geneticist, farmer, nutritionist, leatherworker, blacksmith, merchant and a handful of other jobs that I can't remember x'D But Horse whisperer is totally being added in!
If I can remember what the other jobs I had in mind were, I'll let you know lol

Eidolon We are thinking along similar lines, I always thought horse games could be run in a similar way to fantasy RPGs, at least as far as skills are concerned. Although a goblin attack on your stables would add a touch of excitement! XD

*O* That would be a fantastic halloween event!!

Cina Not sure if you just typed it wrong, but judge bias would only be a factor for a subjective discipline/show. Objective won't have bias involved.

I think the ideas sound great.

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