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Closing Registration to V1 & Account Numbers

Posted 09-02-18 7:08

Since I'm going to be handing out individual invites to V2, I'm going to close the registration on V1 so only currently active players can get them.

Registration will stay closed until V2 testing is ready for V1 to close for good.

If you have any friends that were considering joining Pony, please inform them of the sign up closing out on WEDNESDAY so they can join before then.

And, for clarification, when all active players are on V2's testing, V1 will be closed down. I will give you guys the ability to access the site still (if you want to continue caring for your horses) if enough of you wish, but otherwise, there will not be a way to get on V1 from outside of the link I provide. This is mostly so I don't need to maintain two versions of Pony; V2 getting completed is priority #1 once testing is able to start ;3

Additionally, since Pony's playerbase is considerably smaller than what the account numbers are saying, I'll be making the sign up for V2's public version give you the lowest available account number that is over #500 unless you purchase a specific number you desire. If you purchase a number, that will be the default number you gain when you make your official V2 account (because all V2 testing accounts will be deleted when testing closes out)

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me or post here and I'll answer asap ^-^

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Eidolon Sounds good to me. 😃

Lakia Looking forward to this, Thank you for the update :-)

Barrel_Racer2002 I am looking forward to this, Thank you for the update!!! :-)

Cina Thank you for the updates!

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