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V2 Progress: Layout Is Coming Together! Minor Adjustments and Bug Fixes!

Posted 08-05-18 12:32

I've almost finished the layout for V2! I need to make it 100% responsive based on the device its being viewed on (for my poor mobile users! D: I'm sorry V1's layout sucks for mobile!) and is still clear to use! After that, we're good to go!

I've also made some minor adjustments on V2's first few pages: The news page has its pagination added as well as the comments page! So now, if there's more than 20 news posts or news comments, buttons to visit the next page of content will pop up!

I've also been adding in better icons and alternative titles to streamline everything and make the site a lot more accessible (V1 is really terrible with accessibility over all)

I also wanted to see what you guys thought about the judges getting a bias against something? If you don't know, V2 is going to have judges that determine the tide of a show's results. If they have a bias towards a sport or breed, they'll score horses in that sport or of that breed higher in shows (all shows; so even if its a conformation show, if they're partial to Show Jumping horses, they'll give those horses a little point bonus). But I wanted to see how you guys felt about the judges having a bias against that would dock a few points from the horse's score.

For example: I have a Friesian and Chincoteague trained in Dressage. My judge just LOVES dressage (that's why I entered the show) and they typically add +2 - 6 points to the score sheets, but I find out too late that they hate Friesians for what ever reason (probably the lack of color diversity...) so my score bonus is going to be negated to some degree because the horse is Friesian, but the Chincoteague will have a full bonus.

The bonus or deduction isn't going to be extreme (not more than 10 points in either direction), but it can easily be the difference in a not-so-good horse getting a your ribbons if they hit a breed or sport bonus and yours hits a penalty.

I also will be adjusting the horse database to include their sport stats having the hidden genetics so we can test that out when we get rolling ;3 Which brings me to my last announcement:

Staff Round up time!!

I'm going to be fixing and adjusting only a handful more things for V2 (something I hope to have done within the next week or two) before bringing the mods and mentors over to train for V2! If you're listed below, you're a staff member and you'll need to message me to let me know you're active (so you don't get passed with training!) and I'll make sure to send you an invite to sign up with once things are ready!
Jen (#11351) Checked in!
Cosiel (#11399) (Also a Mentor) Checked in!
Purpleponies (#11337) (Also a Mentor) Checked in!
Cora (#11269) Checked in!
SODA (#1528) (Away)
Kaos (#9833) Checked in!

Nightowl (#11613)
PintoBay (#11814) Checked in!
Lakia (#11791) Checked in!

If you don't message me, you are NOT losing your job as a staff member, but you'll be put on reserve! This just means you won't get on V2 before the rest of the site and you'll be training after regular players are already running around.

There are still 2 Mentor/Newbie Helper positions available!

If you want to help others and would like to join the staff team, please visit the Staff Application Center to fill out an application! Any additional Mod applications will be put on reserve for the future when we're in need of more mods, but we're still looking for 2 or more Mentors (because of the system I'm putting in place)!

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Eidolon I'm not to keen on the idea of judge bias, as I can see a major problem developing unless you have judges with bias for every breed and type of horse in the game. Otherwise people will gravitate towards whatever will get points from the judges.
I experienced judge bias in real life when my Chihuahua won a local dog show because the judge used to breed them, despite him very obviously not being the best in show.
I think it makes shows unfair, and if I have to hunt around for a judge when making shows I probably won't bother making any as it's complicated enough as it is.

There will be judges for every breed and sport bias (3 for each) and there will also be 15 judges with no biases that have completely fair shows. Additionally, when players get to a high enough Rider level, they'll be able to learn how to "judge" shows (they won't actually pick the horses, the scripts will still do that automatically) as well so there'll be an endless amount of judges to pick from (And you can judge your own shows too).

And I actually wanted to add the bias because of the realistic aspects of it. Shows aren't always cut and dry when judged by people (because everyone is biased, even if just a little ;w;) and I hope the bias of judges in V2 reflects that a smidge.

If possible, I'd like for you to help me make sure the biases aren't gamebreaking during testing? At best, it should only raise a horse up a placement or two (if its good enough that the boost makes it better) and shouldn't be a low-quality horse beating out higher quality horses for first place. I think you having a more critical view on the bias feature will make sure it isn't horribly skewed in favor of biases dominating shows.

Cina I think the bias sounds like real life (hah). I think that the problem with it here is that certain disciplines a judges opinion honestly doesn't matter. Bias only plays in with sports that are subjective in nature. I don't mind bias playing a role in those here because it gives a bit of randomness... but I do have an issue with a judges bias mattering in an event like show jumping. Judges opinions have no effect on the placings there.

Maybe instead of calling it judges bias (because really that shouldn't happen but it does) you could call it an environmental factor or something along those lines. Some days you're the bravest of them all and some days your horse spooks, some days your horse is nimble as heck and some days your horse trips over their own feet right in front of the judge, etc.

That sounds like an excellent idea, Cina!

I will also browse through the sport judging regulations for all of the sports (since I'm not very horse savvy, I'll admit ;w;) and see which sports can have the bias factor? If I can get a better understanding of which shows are able to be influenced with bias, then I can put unique judging scripts in for each sport to make things as close to the real judging methods (since right now, its all just an average of your horse's sport stats with a random number added that determines your horse's score)

Cina I don't know if you are going to have any other disciplines that aren't in this version, but based on what is here now:

Objective Events (no bias)
* Barrels - speed
* Cross Country - speed [not really an event on its own, usually a phase of an eventing competition]
* Jousting - points
* Polo - points
* Racing - speed
* Show Jumping - speed

Subjective Events (possible bias)
* Dressage
* Saddleseat
* Western Pleasure

* Cattle Work - Working Cow Horse or Cutting it is subjective / Roping is objective based on speed. Penning & Sorting are also objective also, but those are team sports.
* Driving - Carriage Driving is subjective / Combined Driving is objective based on speed
* Eventing - Dressage phase is subjective and cross country + show jumping phases are objective

Other popular events not available here in v1, but popular IRL:
Western Trail - subjective
Endurance Racing - objective
Reining - subjective
Hunter Jumper - subjective
Steeplechasing - objective

Cina PS if you have any questions about a specific sport I'm more than happy to give you information. I'm pretty involved in quite a few of them or have been in the past. I don't check here all the time, but try to at least once a week.

Eidolon Now I've given it some thought, it occurs to me that horse mood and personality would be a better way to introduce some random factors.
Also it might be easier to code as it's just adding a few more parameters to the horse code. Personalities could range from placid to unpredictable moods could be anything from sleepy to furious.

Lakia Question: In V2, Will there be an avatar/rider?
Not sure how real-life you want V2 to be so its mainly a question.

Just in case and my opinion only,
In real-life, based on the riders temper and skills can also influence the outcome of the horses temper and the outcome of events. (Its not always the horses/judges fault)

If the rider is not skilled to jump, the rider may fall and the horse takes off.

if the rider is frustrated, the horse can sense that, The horse may not want to move, may buck or just be plain stubborn. If the rider is focused, happy, the horse can be a star :-)

I am humble, please correct me if I am wrong,
Apples for everyone, Thank you!

OMG I didn't even think of that as an idea, Lakia! Brilliant!

I'll have to rework shows completely, but I'll definitely be able to add in subjective/objective scoring, horse mood and personality as well as rider skill and mood to determine how shows will go.

I'm also thinking on how we can make team shows for sports like Polo and driving. Once I get some solid plans to test, we'll also have that as an option ;3

Cina I like the personality & mood aspect of the horse. Not a fan of having to add in rider stuff as well since I personally really only care about the horses - but it is what it is.

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