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V1 Show Scheduler!

Posted 08-01-18 10:27

I just finished making a show scheduler for you guys to use here! It makes shows in bulk (up to your max amount of shows per day) and recreates them daily for up to 1 month! The only requirement is paying for ALL of the shows up front (and you can't delete them) and you need an upgrade to use it!


Please let me know if you have any issue with using it (cost discrepancies or player point payout issues) and I'll get it fixed asap ;3

I also wanted to remind you that this will be a purchased or profession-earned perk on V2! Judges on V2 will be able to access the scheduler (it'll be a person in V2) for a small fee added to the base cost of the shows made.

If you purchase the scheduler on V2, there won't be an additional fee but it's going to cost Rubies to permanently enslave hire the Scheduler NPC.

Let me know if you have any questions! :D

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