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V2 Ideas: Conformation- Stats or Grades?

Posted 07-29-18 6:22

I've been thinking about how we should do conformation in V2. My current idea might need scrapped and reworked into something more efficient.

Right now, we have stats that are affected by hidden genetics that can raise or lower the stat by +2 or -2 respectively. This would make it so inbreeding your horses can have random results (like in real life). But I'm starting to think this system might not work very well in V2. Since you only see a number, there's not really a way to determine if your horse's conformation is good or bad (aside from the number being very high or very low).

I was considering changing it so the number is a grade instead. Poor, fair, good, excellent and ideal.

Poor would be for a high number of fault genes (gg) and a low stat number (which would be made worse automatically by the genes)

Fair would be for a high number of faults OR a low stat number (which would leave room for improvement)

Good would be for an average number of faults and/or an average* stat number

Excellent would be for a low number of faults and a high stat number

Ideal would be for flawless genes (ALL hidden genes are GG), regardless of stat numbers (because their genes can only improve the stat from the base number).

So would you guys prefer the stat numbers to stay or would you prefer a grade?

Alternatively, we can have both. You start with just the stat number and you can send your horse to an evaluation training session (an hour long session) that determines the horse's grade? After getting evaluated in that area, your horse's grade is listed with the stat number beside it like this:

Head - Poor (32)

*I wanted to mention that the "average" would be determined by your horse's breed(s) and your horse's generation count; so a foundation won't have the same standards as a 12-generation horse! This is to keep the game FAIR for newbies who will have a lot of foundation horses that wouldn't have as nice a set of conformation stats as the senior members that have been playing a lot longer and have better horses by default.

Let me know what you guys think would be best? I'm going to try getting back into coding for V2 soon (since Aela and Mikey are adapting so well) and wanted to get this adjusted now before I get too deep into things to fix it easily ;w;

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Requiem So would this act as a sort of ranking system? That is, if your horse has a flawless grade, they're in the top 20% for that stat, if excellent then top 20-40%

And are these hidden genes for all stats? Cause it would be cool if a horse was born with low strength and high speed, for example, but evaluation shows it has good strength genes so it's more worth it to train up its strength rather than its speed because in the long run, for the same amount of training the horse will gain more strength stats than speed.

It could tie into a ranking system (I hadn't thought of that! :O Brilliant idea!) if you guys like that idea!

And I had only set up the conformation stats to have hidden genetics, but I can also put the sport stats in with them; this would make the breeding system much more complicated tho since the new formula for sport stat distribution isn't the straight forward sire+dam/2=foal anymore. I don't wanna let loose the secret formula that's been added, but if you guys are interested in testing out the sport stats with hidden genes, I can set them up for it now so we can do that at the start of testing to see if it turns out to be too complicated for breeding and we can remove it and resituate the formula before testing ends?

Requiem Now that I think about it, it could get pretty complex as a ranking system since if you have a 10th generation horse with 100 in a stat, and it's the first one to get that high, it could be seen as setting the bar for that stat. But then other people start breeding better horses (same generation/breed) and now your horse with flawless conformation is more on the average side.

Maybe it could be less of a fixed evaluation and more of a 'visit the evaluator regularly to see how your horse compares to others of its kind in the game right now'? But I guess since you can't improve your horse's conformation except through breeding, it might not be worth the hassle.

I don't really have strong feelings about this either way, just tossing ideas out there.

I would love to try out hidden genes for sports stats! I feel like it would make you be a bit more careful when choosing horses to pair together rather than just looking at numbers.

Requiem has great ideas, I like them. I also like the idea of having both alternatives, grade and stats. The more info the better. It is easier to figure out what I am doing, and who to pair with who when breeding comes into play.

Eidolon They did something similar on equiverse, hut they had it so that good conformation meant good ability scores, the trouble is only horses with ideal scores were seen as desirable and the less than spectacular horses got left by the wayside.
As long as the conformation is kept separate from sporting genes then it could work.
Obviously you do get superstar horses with perfect conformation but we've all seen horses with poor conformation and outstanding sporting ability, also there are horses with perfect conformation and hardly any sporting ability.

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