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V2 Ideas: Custom Horses and Rider Revamp?

Posted 07-23-18 8:58

So I had been doing a lot of thinking on things I can do for Pony to make things better. Something that crossed my mind was a revamp of the custom horse (and rider, but that's not done yet and hasn't had the chance to need revamping...) in a very specific manner.

With the custom horses, I've already chosen to make it so in V2, you will choose the genotype for your horses (EE, A+a, RbRb, etc) and the game will produce the color name from the genes you selected. Additionally, horses will randomly be given a set of sport stats, conformation stats and personality stats.

What if you were able to select which stats your horse got a boost in?

For example: I want a Chincoteague Pony that focuses in Gymkhana. I can select for a custom sport-bred horse/foal that meets my color desire.

Or, I want a conformationally correct Friesian. I can select a custom that was "bred from" more conformationally accurate lines.

And finally, if I want a more manageable American Cream Draft, I can buy a custom from "pleasure riding" lines to give it a more docile and accepting personality.

This can give players a great start to a more complicated breeding system (its been changed drastically) in exchange for a slightly more expensive custom. Each breeding trait is going to add +1 Ruby to the cost of your horse (even on Horse Token purchases; so if you use a Token and add a trait, you'll need to pay 1 Ruby for the horse). The catch is, when you select one, you loose some default quality in one of the other two areas.

A horse bred for sport isn't going to have the best conformation. A horse bred for conformation isn't going to have the best temperament. And a horse bred for temperament isn't going to be so hot in sports.

And the same thing would also apply to mutations that will be added in V2. Non-inheritable mutations (these won't pass on to foals) will be +2 Rubies while inheritable mutations will be +5 Rubies (since they have a chance to pass to foals)

Does that sound like a fair trade off?

And for player riders, I realized spending xyz amount of real money for a custom rider image with no benefits is kinda a bummer. As a player, I wouldn't do it on a sim so I don't expect you guys to either. So, by default, custom riders will have +2% exp across the board (training, competing, breeding, etc). And then, on top of that, you can buy profession boosts that improve your profession-specific experience gains +2% on top of the +2% default (4% total) and this will stack on-top of any earned skill boosts! So if you cap out your rider in Training profession and have a +6% boost for training exp, you'll actually get +10% on your training exp! Doesn't that sound great?

Let me know how you guys feel about this! I'll be trying to get somethings for Pony done soon (probably more art; I wanted to try something for the horse images...)

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Cora II I’m reading this really early in the morning for me but everything sounds great and definitely things I would gladly pay for. I would enjoy a more complicated breeding system.

Requiem I've been meaning to comment on this ever since it came out (I'm a terrible procrastinator, I know) but I'm definitely supportive of a more complex breeding system!

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