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V2 Progress: Fancy New Banner!! [Edit: And Horse Token art!]

Posted 07-12-18 9:06

I had been waiting for a while for an artist on, Elvenue, to open their commissions and they finally did just before Aela was born! I snatched up a slot for them to do a banner for Pony and it looks FANTASTIC!!

After I get some more points, I'll be returning to Elvenue to get a few more banners (because I'm a terrible art hoarder and love her style lol) so Pony has a lot of gorgeous banners to pick from for various seasons!

Also, if there's another artist that has a great style that you'd love to see banner art from, post their link(s) and I'll try to get some banners from them as well (if they're willing to make them, that is...); I have another artist that I'm looking to get something from as well (because Pony deserves a heaping helping of gorgeous art lol)

Edit: Finished some item art for Horse Tokens!

I was doing some art while Aela was napping :D I'll be adding the horse tokens to the database on V2 to try getting them to work properly at some point (they'll still be importing a V1 horse or give you the ability to create a custom horse!)

I'll be trying to get some other art done intermittently as I'm able to.

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Lakia very nice, amazing talent, thank you

Omg that's so pretty! I don't know of many artists sadly, but I look forwards to seeing what else Elvenue will be making for Pony :o

Requiem Loving the new art!

I know two, my dude. I've been meaning to catch you about one specifically, actually. I'll pm later :3

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