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Post Bugs and Major Needs Here!

Posted 06-20-18 4:06

I'm sorry for the lack of updates recently, guys! I'm literally in the last week of pregnancy and exhausted constantly (I didn't wake up until 2:30 today D;) so I haven't been able to get on Pony very much.

I know there are a few major changes and bugs that are bothering you guys and wanted to get them all listed here for me to fix.

1) Horse Search isn't working
-- I'm almost 100% sure this is from me adding the disciplines to the search tool. If you don't select a discipline, nothing shows up. I'll be fiddling with this script to fix that. Fixed this; double check behind me to make sure it works for you!

2) Horse confiscations
-- I can't say how long it is for the horses to be confiscated by the shelter (I haven't actually counted the days), but I know this is very annoying for you guys. I'll be adjusting this so it's at least 1 week before your horses are taken and then, you'll have 14 days to reclaim them before someone else can adopt them from the shelter.

3) Show hosting
-- I know there's not a lot of you guys playing so it makes very little sense for the shows to cost $100 per show to make. You're losing more money than you'd gain by trying to help your fellow players by making more shows. I'm thinking of dropping the cost to make a show to $5 or $10 (+ prizes) until V2 where the costs to run a show are based on the judge you've hired and how many horses enter.This was changed to $10 for now! I've also upped how many default shows are made a touch ;3

If ANYTHING else on V1 is bothering you, please post it here! I'll see what can be done to fix the problem!

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Oh yes! I've needed so many more shows. If I skip a day of creating I have to make a new set, lock my account and wait 2 days to catch up :( Though I haven't run into a money problem since creating shows earns PP and that can be exchanged for quite a nice chunk of change. I don't think many people have more than say 20 horses so it should even out well if they go that route.

Horse search worked for me.

Cina You are awesome. Thank you so much for listening to our suggestions.

Requiem Thanks so much for the fixes <3

Peppertree Stables Wow. This game is so good and everytime there's a problem you try your best to fix it and you are amazing for doing so. The only problem I have that hasn't been resolved is studding to other player's horses. There's nowhere to breed your horse to theirs. :( Anyways that's all. Thanks for the other fixes.

Lakia Thank you very much for the fixes. In my thoughts and many blessings for you, your family and precious little baby.

Colors I had some old horses that passed away a while ago and it keeps giving me messages about them being sent to the livery for neglect :) So far this is the only bug I've noticed.

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