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I've spent too much time on this damn sketch....

Posted 06-14-18 12:49

But I think it looks pretty damn fine so far ;w;

This is a preview of my custom rider that will be in V2. She'll also be doubling as the mayor of the city (I need to think of a name for that place tho) where Pony's events will take place.

I think I've spent the last 3 and 3/5 hours just working on the sketch... and I'm not done yet. I'm still updating the anatomy on her (because its been SOO LONG since I had to draw humans; and I'm talking legit humans, not anthros which have different anatomy from both animals and humans ;O;) and then I'll be doing the lineart, basing and colors (though it might take a minute for the right skin tones.

And, no, this isn't how all female riders will look; she's 100% custom and looks like me :D (minus about 35lbs lolol). I wanted to do an example of custom riders, which you guys will be able to purchase, that will have their own build and default expression that only YOU (the buyer) can access! So if you want your rider to have a default bitchface, you got it! xD You will, however, be able to change the features to give a different expression. The eyes, nose, mouth and ears on the riders will be interchangeable with default options for the basic riders, but for the custom riders, you'll be able to change to the basics and your custom nose, eyes, ears and lips.

And, the hair styles will be interchangeable. ALL models will be bald (with a cute little shine spot) so you can select different styles to suit your mood! Custom riders will come with 2 free custom styles (short and long) of your choosing! The dreadlocks on my rider's sketch now are NOT exclusive; they will be available (as well as a handful of other popular styles for both men and women!) and all hair styles (short and long) that weren't custom ordered will be available on the male, female and androgynous bases for everyone to pick how they want their rider to look!

I haven't thought on pricing for this just yet, for those curious. I've gotta figure out how long it would take to do the clothes on the custom body before I can get a feel for the time it'd take to redo all of the rider items (which technically don't exist yet |D) and then calculate a fair time:cost ratio for these to be done. I also need to practice my humans more so I can cut down on the sketch time by like 300% because over 4 hours is crazy (even if you're getting a hella accurate body build...) and will already shoot the time:cost ratio through the roof. But once we get some of those things rolling, I'll be able to build an estimate for the costs of a custom rider.

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Cina Are custom riders a necessary thing (ie: big benefit) or is this just a for fun thing you can do if you are into the RPG side of things?

Just for the RPG side for those who want them.

The customs don't really come with any perks aside from looking exactly how you'd like it to

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