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Progress Will Be Slow...

Posted 06-08-18 8:13

So Aela is on the verge; I'm getting more tired each day and having a harder time focusing. I don't wanna put holds on ALL progress until she gets here tho. So things will just be slow for a while ;O; I'm trying to do a couple of scripts and bug fixes and then I'll be restricting to just art for a while so I don't end up derping code from saving and leaving it for a while (and forgetting my place, most likely).

I'll let you guys know when I'm going to be offline tho; it might be for 2 or 3 days, but shouldn't be much longer than that before I can update you guys on everything. If needed, I'll have my husband log in and leave you guys a news article (I apologise now if he's goofy) while I'm away.

But yeah, I'm pretty sure she'll be here within the next week or so (or I'm just gonna be funky as hell for 3 more weeks ;O;).

As an update on my plans for the art, I'll be revamping all the existing items and making multi-layered bases for tack items.

The base would be the simplest version of the item (basic saddle, basic bridle, basic boots or saddle pad) and there will be fancy additions (like rhinestones, braiding or detailed stitching) that will be layered on to make the item fancier and fancier until it gets to a high tiered item.

The animal companions that Kaos hasn't done (you guys probably haven't seen a lot of these items in Pony) will also be revamped and I'll be doing the image overlays when I can (each will have a few different poses to make them adorable and what not). I have Soda (#1528) revamping the Dalmatian and Akita (and I'm pretty sure the Australian Shepherd...) and once those are done, I'll show you guys the results!
And, just so you guys know, we'll be expanding how many of each pet there are to cover all of the basic sport stats (intelligence, agility, charisma, speed, stamina, strength) and that means an end to the one stat boosted by the same companion type issue I'm sure you've noticed.

If I have time after revamping some things, I'll work on adding other items that we'll be needing in V2: Crate Bases for the supply crates, Crafting Items (leather, thread spools, metal ingots, buckles, etc), and Profession items (seeds, vaccine bottles, needles, fertilizer, riding crop, etc).

I also have to finish the art for the rider avatars. I don't have that on this computer, but I'll get on that too. I currently have the adult and child/teen-ish? version of both male and female players, but I wanted to add an androgynous base that can be either male or female for both age ranges as well. Then there's the need to base and add facial features and skin tones for you guys to pick from and adding clothes.

Also, after I finish adding in the facial features and the portrait images, we can start designing our NPCs! What I'm thinking we can do is throw an NPC builder script together where you guys can pick their name, job, gender, and breed or sport preferences and then a separate area where you can design faces for the NPCs and then they're randomly paired with an identity of a matching gender? And of course, giving a warning if there's an NPC face that already looks exactly like that (same facial features, skin tone, etc) to prevent clones...

So yeah, that's what I've got planned for art and this turned into a much MUCH longer news post than I had intended, but much ado, eh? So I'll try to get those scripts finished sooner rather than later and then I'll be finishing up the list of breed art I've started before starting my revamp rampage. I'm rambling... I'm done. Sorry ;O;

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Tkai Congrats again on the upcoming arrival of your little girl. :) As far as rambling, I really look forward to your news posts. Take your time, and don't worry about us, babies are time-consuming and exhausting, and none of us want you to overdo it. We all appreciate everything you do.

So much exciting stuff ;0; I can't wait to start adding the tack
So much fun :D :D

Also, take it easy ;) If you feel like she's close to meeting you guys, then you're more than likely right - mothers' intuition, and all that! I wish you best of luck with everything! :hughughug:

Cina Take your time, babies are way more important than sim. I'm excited for the game changes, but understand that you'll need to take time for real stuff too!

Good luck with everything Shinobu! Definitely take a break with something this big happening in your life, it's way more important than working on the sim. We'll always be here for when you come back, so take things easy!

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