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Chincoteague Breed Art!

Posted 06-01-18 7:06

I finished the Chincoteague! I forgot to make this news post when I did xD I've started on the Gypsy Vanner because FLOOFS and I'll post the sketch once through! ;D

And, while you guys are here, let me know if you'd like the options for the feathering around the hooves to be removable! I was thinking we can have that painted in like the manes and tails so we can add different lengths of feathering

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~flailing~ ;000;


Beautiful Pony! I would not like to see the feathering as removable on any of the feathered horses. I believe it is part of their attraction, at least it is for me. :)

I would like feathering removable as sometimes I like clean legs :)
You did a great job!

I understand completely, Alora; its kinda what makes it that breed for me too xD

But the reason I asked is because the registries for the Gypsy Vanner don't actually have it as mandatory for the horse to have the feathering to register and there's the idea of grooming for horses in V2 where your horse's mane and tail will grow over time (this was a really old idea that I think was mentioned somewhere) and you guys would be able to style it with the help of a Groomer.
So, even if you decide to take your horse to get the big chop, it'll come back xD
I had also thought of the same feature being used to identify yearlings that haven't matured yet (shorter mane and slightly smaller image) to use as an in-between for the foal and adult image.
But I completely get your stance on the feathering ;3

Requiem What a cutie!

I think it'd be cool to have a grooming feature like that, and in that case it would make sense to be able to remove feathering and have it grow back.

But if grooming doesn't make it into the game I don't think it would be unreasonable for a small percentage of horses to be born without any feathering

Colors Wow the art is coming along beautifully! I like the idea of lengths of feathering, more customization! :)

Colors Oh and Shino, you think of everything XD I love the idea of hair growing back, along with whenever the horses hooves grow out of them being pregnant showing in the art.

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