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Impending Account Sales & Forever Upgrades

Posted 05-29-18 1:36

I decided that when we go to do our discounted Ruby sale on the 1st, I'll also allow forever upgrade purchases during that time and wanted to let you guys know that I'll be willing to offer a return on our current upgrade time if you plan on buying a forever upgrade.

3 months - 1 Ruby/HS per month (3 Rubies returned for a full 3 months)
6 months - 2 Rubies/HS per month (12 Rubies returned for a full 6 months)
1 year - 2 Rubies/HS per month (24 Rubies returned for a full year)

The reason I'm offering this is because I didn't think it'd be fair to have you guys pay for an upgrade and then still pay MORE for a forever upgrade when your upgrade timers aren't rolling down. I will be adding a small script to the exchange page to make sure this works automatically before you guys need to use it.

As for the impending account sales, I wanted to see who was interested in which account numbers. If you are the ONLY player that wants a particular number, I'd be willing to offer a flat sale price for it (plus the costs of extras) but if there's more than one person, it'd have to go to the auction page. I want to be fair while I do these account sales.

Here are the prices I had in mind for the accounts:
$1 for 5000+
$1.5 for 4000 - 4999
$2 for 3000 - 3999
$2.5 for 2000 - 2999,
$5 for 1000 - 1999,
$7.5 for 500 - 999,
$10 for 200 - 499,
$15 for 100 - 199,
$20 for 50 - 99,
$25 for 20 - 49
$30 for 10 - 19
$40 for single digits

I know that auctions are a hassle, but its the fairest way to do them (and they will have a buyout price and snipe guard if I code them correctly the first time) if more than one person wants the same ID number.

Please remember the accounts are for sale for USD purchase to help with funding for Pony (we might need to upgrade to a new server ;O;) and the account extras are available for both USD and Ruby/HS purchase.

I'll keep an eye on this news post for a while and if no one asks for the same number you do in a 48 hour period, I'll go ahead and let you claim that account (you can either claim it now on V1 or claim it for V2 merge).

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I would certainly like 5 or 8, but I noticed 8 was not on the list but the member hasn't been on since '09. As a moderator for V2, is the forever upgrade included, or do you want us to buy it during the sale?

333 please!

I would love to have #7 please

You would have to get it during the sale, Cosiel. I had given one to Kaos as a part of her payment for the breed art.

I will also keep tabs on account 8 for you so if you reserve #5 and 8 becomes available in the future, you can have first refusal.



Okay! Just wanted to make sure c:
And sounds good!

Requiem #240 for me!

Emzie1203 #112
I’ve got this as my ID on another game so be nice and easy to remember haha

I'd like to reserve #666 if it's available because I'm edgy and I think it would be funny (it's probably not but I have to try). Lemme know! c;

Shae I'd like to reserve #120 please

Paige hm, what about #376?

Lakia May I request/reserve number #20 please (if available). Will the forever upgrade be available again in the future? Thank you in advance.

Takashi Bit late to the party, but I would love to grab #123 if it's still around! :)

Takashi Or #234, didn't check if the former was vacant whoops

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