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V2 Progress: Sports, Non-biased Judges and Starting Show Creation Scripts

Posted 05-28-18 1:41

I wanted to let you guys know of the progress I've made since yesterday on V2.

I added 2 scripts to ease the process of adding both sports and NPC judges into Pony V2.

With the 'Add Judge' script, the only thing I pick is their name and their bias (if they have one); Pony v2 will automatically set a base price for judging a show and a per-horse fee for the show's completion. The costs range from 1-5% of the prize for the base fee and +0.5 - 2% per horse and their personalities are on a scale of 0 - 10 with 10 being the most prudish. The more self-absorbed the judge, the faster they'll change their fees!

The 'Add Disciplines' script lets me choose which stats are important, which are damaging and what personality stats can improve or weaken your horse's scores. With having 6 different areas that effect a sport, this opens Pony up to having a LOT of sports because it'll take more to repeat the stats!

I also wanted to point out that sport stats may be changing in V2. This is because on V1, there's stats that don't actually exist so they needed to be added and there's stats in V2 that don't exist in V1. Here's the rundown on what sports have which stats (+++ is primary stats, ++ is secondary, + is tertiary, - is a stat decrease and the personality stats are + and - for a boost or decrease, respectively)

Dressage [+++int | ++agi |+cha || +trust | -diff]

Barrel Racing [+++spd | ++agi |+str || +excit | -diff]

Cattle Work [+++stm | ++int |+agi || +diff | -excit]

Cross Country [+++agi | ++stm |+cha || +trust | -diff]

Driving [+++str | ++stm |+spd || +trust | -excit]

Eventing [+++stm | ++agi |+spd || +trust | -diff]

Jousting [+++spd | ++str |+cha || +trust | -diff]

Polo [+++stm | ++agi |+spd || +excit | -diff]

Racing [+++spd | ++stm |+agi || +excit | -diff]

Saddleseat [+++int | ++stm |+agi || +trust | -diff]

Show Jumping [+++str | ++spd |+agi || +trust | -diff]

Western Pleasure [+++agi | ++int |+cha || +trust | -diff]

Gymkhana [+++cha | ++int |+spd || +trust | -excit]

And, if you've noticed, we'll be regaining Gymkhana in V2! I noticed that V1 had it coded in at one point and it was removed from shows and training facilities, but I figured we can toss it back in on V2! Gymkhana will be able to train and host shows in Deluxe arenas, Outdoor arenas and Indoor arenas on V2.

With these scripts completed and there being not only sports to write the code for, but judges to assign to the shows, I'll be starting the code to make shows in V2. This should be a lot faster than it was to write the other codes because all of the information is in Pony's database; I only need to write the code once to have it select the correct sport and a judge at random.

After this, I'll work on figuring out how to train horses in our arenas. Once we can get the shows and arenas going, I'll start moving the mods over for training. They'll train for about 2 weeks before I start letting everyone else over in small groups.

Edit: Additional Notes -

I'm changing up the way entry fees work on V2 by a few things:
~ Increasing fees on show ranks; shows will start at $15 per horse and will go up $5 per rank ($15 at under 200s, $20 at 201-400, $25 at 401-600, etc)
~ Prize pools will start at 5x the entry fee ($75 for under 200, $100 for 201-400, $125 for 401-600, etc) and go up by the entry fee per horse entered

And, as a reminder, the prize pools are going to be divided between the show creator, the facility hosting, the judge and the winners; winners will take 60% of the pool, the judge will get their base fee + per horse fee, the facility will get their hosting fee and the show creator takes the remaining amounts.

Default Trainers will host shows at $100-$500 per show, but can hold 15 - 45+ horses (hadn't decided how deluxe arenas will work yet) per show and host all show types.

Once I get into the training arena scripts, I'll be working out how to host shows there (if they're yours, its free) in addition to the resolutions for the space factor. Restricting the timeslots should be easy (just running a check to make sure there isn't a show scheduled to run on the same day and hour...) but I won't hold my breath, Pony likes to trip me up when I get cocky x'D

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Requiem Super excited for the new stats and disciplines and I love that entry fees + prizes are going to be increasing with the ranks!

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