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Show Script Revamp! Closing Auto Shows!

Posted 05-27-18 5:58

With the revamp of how shows are created, I'm going to install this new script in on V1 because its a million times more efficient than our current show system.

Right now, there's 10 shows being made in every 200 stat bracket up to 4000 stats! That's 200 shows per sport and 2400 total shows being made per day!

With my revamped script, it calculates how many horses are trained in that sport and in the stat bracket. For dressage horses, it made a whopping total of 30 shows. That's a huge difference!

So, to ease the burden of the excess shows, I'll be closing the show creation today (so it won't run at midnight) and around 10 -11:30 PM Pony time, I'll be wiping ALL default shows that have no entries and ONLY shows with no entries (so you guys don't have to lose your money and not get a reward). I'll be installing the new script and setting it to run twice a day (midnight and noon Pony time/ EST) from here on out.

I'll also be keeping an eye on how well horses are able to enter shows since there's a huge drop of how many shows are being made. If there's a need, I'll increase how many shows are able to made by players.

Shows have been flushed!

I have kept all the shows in the range of what has entries, but some sports have no competitors running and all their shows were wiped. If you need extra shows because your sport is empty, let me know!

I also have the cron to run 4 times a day instead of twice! That means every 6 hours, it will make more shows! With how few its producing now, this is still a lot fewer than how I had it set before ;w;

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Requiem Awesome! Thanks Shino :)

Tkai So great! Thanks so much Shino!

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