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V2 Progress: Dynamic Show Scripts!

Posted 05-27-18 11:43

I had been testing here to create shows based on how many horses actually need them and I've had success in achieving that goal! For V2, there's a little more scripting I'll need to do to set up the NPC judges into the shows, but the basics are completed!

Now, the real reason for an entire news post that's pushing Kaos' gorgeous Welsh Pony art down is because I wanted to know if you guys would want me to install this new script into V1 to ease the load of shows that are made? Right now, there's 10 shows being made for every 200 stat point ranks in every discipline up to 4,000 stats! D: That's almost 3000 shows per day being made and most of them go unused!

If I add this new method of show creation in, it'll pull the burden of how many shows Pony is creating by only making what's needed (with the code to add more as they become necessary) and will make the show searches (that lag like hell) load in much faster! And, to aid new horses being created, I'll run it twice a day (Noon and Midnight) instead of just at midnight. Let me know what you guys think!

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I think that is a great idea. It would be nice if there was less lag in the search, and only making shows that are needed would relieve an unneeded burden to the game.

I agree

I love this!

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