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Art Update: Welsh is complete!


Hey guys! Kaos here! Just invading your space with an art update to let you all know that I have *finally* finished the Welsh-breed artwork! Sorry it took a while to get there, but hopefully from here on out the other breeds I do will be a bit quicker paced, now that I've got my shading method down pat.

All that aside, I'll get on with what you came to see, shall I? :D

Obviously these aren't genuine colors, they're just mock-ups to illustrate what the Welsh breed base is going to look like with some color on it!

I hope you guys like it :) I've already lined the next breed - the Lusitano! - so keep an eye out on the sneak peek thread (here) if you'd like to see it progress.

That's me for the night, rambling all finished - over and out! 8D

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8D ~excited flails~

~spaghetti arms~ :DD

You do such gorgeous work! He is so cute, I am definitely going to have to start collecting them, too. :)

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