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Lots Of Updates!

Posted 05-26-18 9:51

I did a lot of things today and yesterday that I didn't stop to make a news post about so I'm bundling all of these into one!

TOS and Rules Updates

I did a rewrite of some of the rules and terms of service for Pony. These rules and TOS will follow into V2.

One rule I did away with was no cursing, but I need to emphasize that your ability to curse on Pony does NOT and WILL NEVER grant you the ability to curse at another player or use racial or derogatory slurs. Anyone caught using those terms will only have ONE warning before they're banned from Pony.

Mod Box Rewrite!

I spruced up the old modbox to make it more complete. It now is an avenue for mod/player dialogue when there is a report made or updated, making it possible for the player to know their report has been seen and is being handled actively! New reports will send an alert to all mods online; claims, updates and closings on your report will notify you and your updates and closing of the report will notify the mod that has claimed the report so they'll know if you no longer need help.

Alert Timestamps and Read Alert Wipe!

I added timestamps on alerts! Now you can see when an alert was made instead of being left in the dark! I also wiped all read alerts from the database (there were over 700k alerts!! WOW!) so everyone has a clean slate!

Frozen Upgrade Timers Until V2!

I have put all upgrade timers on ice until V2! Upgrades are going to transfer over when we merge, but it'd really suck to have ran out of your upgrade while we're on V2 doing testing!! SO upgrades won't count down anymore until V2 is live!

Small Inventory Change

I changed the way the "Assign Item" box looks a little so it stands out better! Kaos pointed out that someone mentioned that it really blended into the rest of the page when you only had a few horses needing that item type so I added a border around the Assign area to make it more visible :D

Discounting Ruby/Horseshoe Buys

In 2 weeks (June 9th), it'll be the anniversary of the day I bought Pony from Katie and I kinda wanted to celebrate our first year! So on June 1st until June 9th, I'll have a 50% bonus on your ruby purchases (Buy 2, get 1 free!) and everyone will get an exclusive Shino's 1st Anniversary Plush! On V1, it will boost ALL stats by 2 points! A first for any item!
On V2, it will boost ALL stats by 2 points and Trust (a very important stat in V2) by 8 points as well! When the time comes for that to be released, I'll post a link were you can collect it! When I finish its image (I only have it sketched out on paper atm ;w;), I'll edit this news post with the thumbnail of it!

Okay, I think that's everything I wanted to mention.... I can't remember; I did a lot of coding xD If I forgot, I'll edit what ever it was in! lol

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Tkai All sorts of awesome new things, thanks Shino! :)

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