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Welcome Back!

Posted 05-25-18 11:16

So its only been a couple hours since some of the accounts have gotten the emails notifying you of Pony's resurrection and I've seen some new-old faces online!

Welcome back to Pony!

I'd like to start by mentioning if you're just returning, there's a large cash start up that I had added to the end of the help guide that will NOT be there if you reset! Do the initial run of the help guide and collect that start up money before doing anything else!

Second, if you've received multiple emails, it is most likely because you have multiple accounts on one email and you should change this! If you have received more than THREE (3) emails with different usernames attached, it is because you have more than three accounts! Take this time to decide which three accounts you want to KEEP and privately message me (#1879) which accounts you want deleted! Do not transfer any money or credits from the accounts you are forfeiting if you are over the 3-account limit because that will automatically make you break the rules and you LOSE your one chance for amnesty!
If you have recieved duplicate emails with the same username, check the ID following your own! If it is a duplicate (possibly before it was prevented for accounts to share the login username) and you would like access to your extra account, please send me a message to change the duplicate username! If this duplicate username surpasses your 3-account limit, please let me know!

If you have any questions regarding who I am and why I've bought Pony, feel free to ask! I'm an open book!

If you have any grievances or problems, let me know!

If you no longer wish to have your account on Pony, please feel free to change your username to DELETE and I'll have it removed!

If you plan on staying, I thank you and hope I make you proud! Please don't hesitate to post suggestions on features you think would be great in Pony's V2!

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Cina Can't wait for V2. FYI, on this page is an error:
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Yay, welcome back to the old-new players 8D

Haven't been on here in forever and almost forgot about it! I love seeing old pet-sites being brought back, so I'll be hanging around here from now on! :)

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