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Add Heights?

Posted 05-24-18 12:12

I had this idea in mind for a while and kept forgetting to ask you guys how you felt about it; how does it sound for Pony's horsses to have heights?

The height will be around the breed's average hands high with a chance at a few inches higher or lower than average and the height of your horse will be inheritable to its foals (taking an average of the parents with random leeway). Store horses would be rather generic with a range of 5HH around the average (2HH lower and 2HH higher), but foals can be bred to be smaller or larger than the breed average (with a bit of luck and a lot of consideration) if that is something you'd like to aim for.

The reason I ask is because I had been updating the recode tracker and the breeding script had a height-centric feature of mares needing to be of a similar height to the stallion because if the foal is too big, she'll have trouble foaling irl. I was thinking of making it so this is how V2's breeding works. If the stallion is more than 3HH taller than the mare, there's a chance the foal will be too big for her to birth naturally and you'll need to call in a vet (unless you are one!) to birth the foal. If this were to happen, you would get an alert day the foal is to be born so you can visit the mare's page to assist (which will automatically 'birth' the foal with a very VERY slim chance at foal death barring lethal white syndrome).

I even made this simple generator to randomly set horse heights for a stallion, mare and their illusionary foal! :D With a note to mention if the foal is a little bigger or smaller than its parents' average!

Adding the heights would be easy to do NOW if we're going to because I haven't done much that would need them incorporated beyond the add breeds and breeder purchase script (updating that for heights would be fast and easy). I just wanted to ask this now before I get too far into other things that would make adding the heights into the game later problematic.

Just let me know what you think.

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I think this is a great idea! The only thing that comes to mind is maybe an eventual cap on height so we don't get miniature sized Arabians or something.

Heights are a thing on another game I play, and I think it's actually a good idea because it maintains realistic attributes, but also prevents horses from being too tall or too small. For example, the smallest purebred Arab (since some are crosbred) is 13.2. In this one, stallions compared to mares have to be within 2hh larger or 3hh shorter, so I think your range is also good.

Tkai Sounds like a great idea to me!

I was thinking of leaving the heights uncapped, but the breed registries won't allow horses under or over a certain height range to register at all.

So a 22HH Shetland (if someone manages to get that high) wouldn't be able to register in the Shetland Pony breed club for example xD

A 22hh shetland would be so funny! It would add a different aspect of gameplay that I think would keep things interesting. If we're going for it- let's go all in.

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