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Recode Tracker and Mod positions FILLED (that was fast xD)!

Posted 05-23-18 7:06

I was browsing through Pony's files and found an old script to track V2's recode that I had started back around when I first bought Pony from Katie! I not only finished it, but spruced up some of the code (because I've improved since last year xD) to make it a little better than what I had started with!


Most of the tasks being tracked are old things that need updated for better details, but a few are new that I was testing the code with! I am planning on spending a few hours tonight and tomorrow with updating the old tasks and adding new ones so you guys know what all is going to be happening in V2's recoding.

I'll try to include whether the task needs other tasks finished prior to its start, but not all of the tasks will need to piggy back on other codes ;3

Mod Positions Are Filled

I was planning on having a group of 5 mods to start V2 with and had previously promoted Kaos (because she works so hard for Pony), but the remaining 4 slots have been filled!
Congratulations to Cosiel, Jen, Purpleponies (also called Alora in chat) and Cora! You guys are a wonderful set of players and have not only the sense of fairness and understanding, but the patience you'll need to keep order on Pony!

Additionally, Alora and Cosiel are doubly congratulatory because they are also accepted as Pony's first two Mentors!

There are still positions for more Mentors open and further Mod applications that meet the requirements will be held on reserve for when we'll need to expand the team!

EDIT: I'll let you guys know when we'll be able to start your training on V2's server! There's a few more scripts I'm trying to put together before then ;3

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Congrats everyone!

Thank you so much for this wonderful chance! And congrats to everyone else, too. This is a great game, and it's only getting better!

Love the Tracker, btw. :)

Congratulations, guys 8D
Love that coding tracker, too! Exciting stuff on the cards!~

Congrats everyone! Excited to work alongside you guys eventually! C:

OMG! I am so excited. I am also happy for my Co mods. Congrats all

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