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Staff Applications Are Available!

Posted 05-23-18 1:43

I finished the entire application page! You guys are able to start, save and submit applications to become a moderator or a newbie helper (mentor) in V2!

I have it set so submitting an application sends an alert automatically.

I also have a link for the applications set up at the top of the Avenue page for easy access!

Staff Applications!

If you have any problems with the form, let me know!

EDIT: It would help to mention that I'm looking for a total of 5 mods and 7-10 newbie helpers (mentors)

The reason being is when we move into V2, the way Newbie Helpers (Mentors) are going to work is they will be assigned a newbie (at the new player's request) to help the new player learn how to play Pony V2!

The Mentor that is selected will be done by:
A) Who is online and available for extensive questions (there will be an area to accept or refuse a newbie if you have no time);
B) By count of your proteges (there will be a section in the database to count how many newbies a Mentor has helped and it will cycle through the lower counts first)

And, so you guys know, I've been thinking of calling our newbies Proteges instead. It sounds elegant xD
Accounts will have protege status on them for 1 week or until they reach rider level 5 (which ever comes first)

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