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Shout Out Work Up!

Posted 05-22-18 12:34

I made it so you guys can now post HTML in your shouts!

Please be very wary of your code in the shouts because if you break it, you'll need to delete your shout! D:

BUT, now you can! :D You'll also be refunded for the days you didn't use!

Or, if you need to keep your shout active a while longer, you can extend your shout time for an additional $150 per day!

I have also made it so Mods can make announcement shouts for 100 or 1000 days! They're free, but we don't get refunds for these shouts if we delete them early xD

Let me know if there's any problems and I'll get on fixing it right away!

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No refunds for free shouts not used? Aww, you're no fun, lol! Thanks for continuing to make Pony better! :)

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