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Vacant Account Page!

Posted 05-21-18 8:57

So I've finished putting together the page for you guys to see which accounts are vacant and available for future sale! There is a link on the Avenue page beside the merging logs!

Vacant Accounts

It's been set up so you can see which ones are available (starting with the lowest) all the way up to #300 for now! There are a LOT more still available beyond that, but I don't want to crash the page by loading them all... xD I also have a script to make it so I can reserve accounts manually. And if you go to the bottom of the page, under the "Reserved Accounts" section, there's a count on which vacant accounts are already claimed! If you buy one, it will also tell you how much of each bonus you ended up with (but only you and I can see that!) after the auction's end!

One small feature I have left to add is the ability to edit the accounts that have already been claimed (So you can buy more supplies for USD/Rubies or sell some of what you have in exchange for Rubies). Once that is added, you can message me directly for additional purchases.

While you guys are welcome to browse the available accounts (the links go to the empty account's page, so there's no information to see :o But still...) and search for your favorite ID numbers, please know that I won't be starting the sales just yet!

I have plans to put together an account auction page where I can set up the account for sale with a starting bid, a minimum increment and the buyout price for those who want to just pay for the account straight out (and I'm looking into seeing if there's a way to automatically send a Paypal invoice for a completed auction). There will also be the ability to buy add-ons to your account buy if you win, but the auctions will be a slide style auction: The more that's bid, the more you get!

My plan is for each account to get an upgrade (either 1 year or forever), a hefty bag of $PB, bigger barns, deluxe facilities and a lot of land for V2! And, when you buy one of these accounts, you'll be able to decide if you want the account NOW or if you want to wait until V2!

But, Shino! What if I already have 3 accounts?! Fret not, my darlings! If you already have 3 accounts, you can select one of your accounts to forfeit! All the items, money, horses and everything you own will be moved onto either your new account or onto one of your other two accounts.

If you have any questions regarding the accounts available or what prices I've been considering, feel free to post and I'll get back to ya! ;3

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Tkai I seriously want #7, it’s the day I was born. Let us know when we can start bidding or buyout. I’m excited for those!

Oh! I wasn't expecting single digits! So exciting!

I know the feeling, Alora! xD My favorite numbers are the 8-sequences because I was born October 8th 1991 (which can be turned into a bunch of 8s) so when I try to buy accounts on sims, I aim for #88 or #8 as my accounts of preference ;w; I literally squealed with glee to see #88 was vacant!

And I was surprised to see so many low digits too, Cora o-o Most of them were probably the email-less accounts that I had to delete.

I'm working on the auction page now (because I can do the reserve edits after) so hopefully it won't be too long before the actual sales can begin!

I'm November 9 1990 so usually some variation of 9 for me!

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