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Inactive Accounts Got the Sweep!

Posted 05-21-18 1:40

If you weren't here to see chat at the time, there was a lot of inactive accounts in the database that I couldn't find worth the salvage.

While most accounts had an email for me to contact the owner regarding their account, over 4,000 accounts didn't! D:

Since there was no way for me to contact them with no email nor a way for them to recover their (most likely forgotten) passwords, I decided to wipe out all of the accounts with no associated email.

There was also a handful of accounts frozen from old players breaking the 3-account limit rule that got removed to be reclaimed.

But the account cleaning isn't over yet! Once I get a script together, I'll be sending a mass email to all accounts (barring the ones active within the last 2 months or so) mentioning Pony's still alive and kicking! If the owners of those accounts still don't log in after 2~3 months, those accounts are going to get the boot as well! I'm going to give them plenty of time to log back in and either elect for their account to be deleted or to join us for fun in V2, but a large portion of the accounts that exist haven't been active in over 2 years (and quite a lot haven't been active in more than 5)!

And, with these newly available accounts, there's going to be (at some point in the future) an account auction! I'll be putting together prices based on the account's number, the forever upgrade it will have and any other bonuses I think to add! I'll let you guys know when that is due to begin and which accounts are going to be available first :D

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Mmm, sounds tasty 8D

About how many active are we left with? I had a prowl through the player search the other day and this was totally needed! Time to refresh! Excited about a low account number!

No need for that kind of clutter when you are trying to move. You should have seen how much we got rid of when we moved! How does that much junk accumulate? Lol

The current count of existing accounts is down to 6303! But this might drop considerably after our second sweep attempt! It depends heavily on how many of these legacy players remember their email accounts to see the mass email! xD

As far as how the junk gathers, I think there's couch ferrets in people's houses that collect it :I We never see them, but they like to stash random junk around and then steal socks from the dryer when we're not looking. ~wise nod~ Yup, that's gotta be it.

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