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Let's Do Pedigrees In Detail

Posted 05-20-18 2:36

So a few news posts back, I was wondering how we could do pedigrees in V2. I decided to calculate the contribution an individual horse would have to a bloodline based on its position in the pedigree and here's the numbers (though I did round up a bit around generation 10+):

10 generation pedigree:
2: 50% (2 horses)
3: 25% (4 horses)
4: 12.5% (8 horses)
5: 6.25% (18 horses)
6: 3.125% (32 horses)
7: 1.5625% (64 horses)
8: 0.7812% (128 horses)
9: 0.39062% (256 horses)
10: 0.19531% (512 horses)
15 generation pedigree:
11: 0.0976565% (1,024 horses)
12: 0.0488275% (2,048 horses)
13: 0.02441375% (4,096 horses)
14: 0.012206875% (8,192 horses)
15: 0.0061034375% (16,384 horses)
20 generation pedigree:
16: 0.00305171875% (32,768 horses)
17: 0.001525859375% (65,536 horses)
18: 0.0007629296875% (131,072 horses)
19: 0.00038146484375% (262,144 horses)
20: 0.000190732421875% (524,288 horses)

With this set of numbers in mind, it would be a little extreme to have the 20-gen pedigrees I would think... So, what we'll do is have a short-pedigree of 5 generations on the horse's page and then the long pedigree of 10 generations and extended pedigree of 15 generations on a separate page.

And, with these numbers in mind, you'll be able to see how much (or how little) blood a horse passes on for its breed in the pedigrees.

I also wanted to see how 'pure' a horse would need to be to be considered pureblood after an out cross breeding? I'm thinking after 11 generations, a single out out crossing would be reduced to less than 0.1% and the horse is over 99.9% of one breed so it would be fair to call it pure, yeah? But, this would only happen if the linage only ever breed out to another breed once.

And this makes me think of breeds that can be made exceptions for. From what I understand, a Quarter Horse is essentially the same thing as a Paint Horse, but Paints have large white markings (like splash or tobiano). And the line between a Lusitano and an Andalusian is just as blurry. I'm sure there are a lot of other breeds that have minimal distinctions between them (Like Hanoverians and Thoroughbreds I think?) and can be considered either or, so what would we do for these with breeding?

Should we make it choose the breed before it generates the color (based on the parent's genes, regardless of the breed) or should we have the color determine the breed? Or would you guys want to see what the real breed registries say in regards to this?

I wanted to see what you guys think we should do since the breeding and foal creation script will be extensive and knowing how we'll be doing this small part of it will make coding it effectively the first (hundred) time(s) easier!

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Lol, love those parentheses! I would like to see how the registries in rl do it. Otherwise, I would prefer it to choose the breed and then the color. I like the idea of this game going more towards how things work in rl, as long as that doesn't corrupt the game. I don't see how it would though. I commend you on your dedication to this game. :)

I'd probably follow as close to the real-life thing as possible; I know the heritage doesn't go all that far back in relation to QH and Paint; I've seen pedigree QHs with Paint-blood within five generations. I wouldn't have a clue how it works, ofc xD

Eidolon There is a stud in England attempting to breed tobiano Thoroughbreds, after seven generations their horses will be considered to be purebred and they will be added to the studbook. I think they are currently on generation four or five, but once they are in the studbook they can export stock all over the world.
Interestingly, the rules changed recenlty, but this particular stud got in before the rule change, so tobiano thoroughbreds are going to be a thing.
I think the seven generation stipulation is quite common in horse breeding and that crosses are considered to be % grade until they have seven generations of pedigree.

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