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Account Info

Posted on 12/3/08

I moved the account info link to the estate page.

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Navigation Bar

Posted on 12/2/08

Sorry for all the extra crud in the navigation. It shouldn't be like this too much longer, Savannah is working on making it look nice and pretty for us. ;)

I also would like to apologize for the links being so blinding, I will get that fixed when I have a chance.

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Online/Offline Cont.

Posted on 11/29/08


I also added the users status to the members page so when you are viewing everyone you can see if they are on or offline.

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Posted on 11/29/08

I am working on getting statuses set up. It currently will tell you if you are online and when log off you are offline. I will be trying to get a number of members online count up along with a list of the members online this weekend.

EDIT I got the users online up, there is a link under the Game Play section.

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Shows Again

Posted on 11/28/08

I modified the entry page even more. I *think* it is finalized now.

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Turkey Day

Posted on 11/27/08

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

I also fixed a few spelling errors around the site mostly on the shows page.

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Posted on 11/26/08

I added a count to the forum so it tells you how many posts there are in each category. If it does not say anything that means there aren't any.

Please be sure to read the other news posts bellow this, I have made a few today.

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Show Updates

Posted on 11/26/08

I reorganized the show page. I broke it down into three groups Circuit Shows, Player Hosted Shows, and Default Shows.

I also added it so that when I player hosts a show it says who hosted it along with a link to their profile page.

I am currently editing the entering page for shows also. Right now there is a box added that displays the basic show information. I will be making a few more changes, so keep an eye out.

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Down Time

Posted on 11/25/08

Sorry for Pony being down about the past week. It was not under my control the host Pony is on was doing some maintenance. ;)

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Barn Page

Posted on 11/15/08

I am 100% finished with revamping the barn page. I hope you guys all like it.

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Credits Page

Posted on 11/15/08

I finished typing up and adding HTML to the credits page today. If I somehow managed to forget you please message me!

I also added a wee wittle heading to the news page.

Yesterday, Savannah made another outstanding banner for Pony, so enjoy that.

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Current Projects

Posted on 11/9/08

I changed the default amount of money to 25,000. So that is how much everyone gets when they register. This is enough to buy a full set of basic tack plus some horses and money left for extra spending.

I did some more work on selling horses today but I am still getting the same problems. I'm seeking some help from other coding friends to see if they can lend me a hand.

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Posted on 11/8/08

I changed the map for the Wilderness. I will be starting coding for some of the pages this evening.

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Posted on 11/6/08

I have added a new page called the wilderness. The map is rather vacant at the moment but I plan to add things as I dream them up. None of the pages are up right now but I plan to start working on them, probably won't get any coding done today however. Tomorrow I will be away, so behave!

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Birthdays and Shows

Posted on 11/3/08

I would like to wish Molly a happy birthday for starters! Let it be as amazing as you are.

I have also remodeled the shows a little bit. Just added some color to the blandness.

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So Sorry.

Posted on 11/2/08


I am really sorry guys, but I was having a huge problem with the tack store. I thought I fixed it then it would end up not being fixed. The reason for all of this was because one of the item ids was really off and when the id got to that number for people purchasing it it kept stopping because there was already an item with that ID. I started off by deleting all the items, but that did no good because to any horse wearing tack, they still had it. Rather than me going through by hand and removing it I chose to empty the horses table. Meaning. All your horses have been deleted. I do not want to get emails saying they vanished. I am really sorry that I had to do this, but this is all part of the testing process.

To try and make up for the loss of all your horses and tack that was or was not bought I have credited everyone with $20,000. Truly sorry, and I hope this never happens again. But while I am on the subject, please remember that before opening day I will be deleting all the horses, all the posts, messages, shows, items, and money. We will all be starting from scratch.

In other news I am working on getting more features added to the forum like a link to all the player profiles when you add a reply or topic. While I was making some changes I also changed the forum to one that I coded myself. The other forum was coded through a tutorial. I wasn't planning on changing it but I really screwed it over xD so it was the easiest way out.

What can I say..its been a busy day, but there are still more things I plan to add. Please go through and read the rest of my news posts down bellow to stay updated, I am saying a lot today.

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Coding Updates

Posted on 11/2/08

I had another problem in the tack store to fix, but I am pretty sure for real this time that all the bugs have been exterminated.

I modified the members list page a bit. There is now a link to each of the players profiles and to their barns.

There are a few things I will be working on today. I plan to start a rescue center where you can abandon your horses for a slight fee. You will be able to adopt horses that people have left there for another small fee. It will be cheaper than the breeder, I am thinking $600.

I also would like to add links to the members profile from a reply they add to the forum topics and a link to horse profiles for when they enter shows so you can take a gander at your competition.

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Posted on 11/1/08

Well, I have given in. I decided to add more shows. There will be at least one show running daily.

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Store Fixed

Posted on 10/31/08

Sorry for the trouble, but I fixed the store. Everything should be working properly.

If this is your first time online today please be sure to read the Halloween update posted bellow.

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Halloween Updates

Posted on 10/31/08

I would like to first start off with wishing everyone a happy and safe Halloween. Make sure to eat tons of good candy and scare everyone!

I am hosting a Halloween Howl show, there are no special prizes, but to have fun. It will be run on the second of November, so hurry up and get your entries in.

I have added a Halloween themed saddle pad to the store, but if you want one better get it quick! There are only five in stock and 39 players to fight with for it.

Lastly I want to bring to your attention that there is a store bug. Please remember this until I fix it.

If it says their is an error, go back and get it again. If it takes your money check your inventory for it first! It does not always say the item was purchased, but if it subtracts your money it was.

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New Map

Posted on 10/25/08

Thanks to the wonderful Shazbo we have a new image map for the town page. Check it out and send her your comments. ;)

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New Images

Posted on 10/24/08

I did this yesterday..but oh well...I will inform you now.

I made/replaced the old house and barn pictures with new ones, so check em out, yo! (I'm pretty loopy today, if you cant't tell)

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Banner :)

Posted on 10/23/08

I made yet another banner. It is suppose to represent a name plaque on a stall.

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Posted on 10/23/08

Due to lack of show entries I have reduced shows to one per week. If you would like more shows to enter please feel free to create some. ;)

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Selling Updates

Posted on 10/22/08

I have even more done with selling horses, but it is still not finished. As of now these are the components I have working
-Showing the price and buy button if the steed is for sale
-Changing the Owners ID When purchased
-Updating the horses status to 'not for sale'

Things I need to finish with Selling
-Subtracting the price from the buyer
-Adding the price to the old owner

Once selling is finished I will be able to finish player stores. Once that is done its time for finishing touches!

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Work and Updates

Posted on 10/19/08

I have been doing work today! I am about 80% done with selling horses.

I have also gotten this new banner up. I still need to add a horse to it but I'll most likely draw it on paper then scan it. Hope ya like!

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Posted on 10/19/08

I added images to all the places in town except for the registry club.

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Some Work

Posted on 10/17/08

I have added a count of the total registered players and horses there are on Pony on the index page. I will be adding this same sort of thing below the forum section. I will also be changing the forum to one that I coded myself. The current one was made from a tutorial.

I have also started coding player stores. I will hopefully have those done sometime soonish.

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More Things To Come

Posted on 10/16/08

Wow, sorry for all these news posts today.

Here is a list of things I plan to start working on tomorrow/this weekend
-Adding Comments on News Posts
-Maximum number of Horses someone can own
-Barn tasks, such as mucking stalls feeding horses, sweeping, ect.
-Selling Horses/Items

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Posted on 10/16/08

I am working on a town page so there aren't so many links on the side. I need a town name. If you have any ideas post on the forums or message me.

I am also looking for an image map artist and coder. If you or anyone you know can do this please send me examples! There will be rewards.

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Max And Min Age

Posted on 10/15/08

I have set a maximum and minimum age for entering shows. Your horse must be between 7Days and 380 days to enter. If the exceed they can not be entered and should be retired unless you desire to keep them.

Within the next few days I will be working on selling horses. I have thought of some ways mentally that might work. Its once again time for me to crack down on business and get this place open!

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Birthday Jamboree

Posted on 10/15/08

Congratulations to Love Is A Loosing Game, owned by Molly for winning my Birthday Jamboree show! She was awarded with the birthday Saddle Pad

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Posted on 10/14/08

Today is my birthday so I will be taking it off for coding. But the real point of this post is to say that the running of my birthday show will be postponed to a later date due to my laziness. I have yet to make the saddle pad :O

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Don't Worry..

Posted on 10/12/08

Don't worry about the whole moving and people losing their account anymore. The same person who helped me with the shows has kindly offered to help me step by step move Pony over to a new host so we do not lose anything. As soon as I find somewhere I want to move to this will begin. ;)

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Moving The Site

Posted on 10/11/08

I have been considering the idea of moving Pony to a new web host. This is only because of all the downtime. Once we open to the public this will not be...I can't think of the word...very good. Players may get frustrated and quite. The only thing is I may not be able to transfer all the players and horses over to the new server. Everything may be lost. Is it a risk you guys are willing to take? Please send me a message with your thoughts to help me decide. If Pony did move and we did loose everything, I will try my best to get you all re-registered. You would just need to pop me an email with a password(because I would write down the usernames in order) and get you back in.

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Busy Bee..

Posted on 10/5/08

I will be busy tomarrow, so the shows set to run may not. Just in case I have created the shows for Wed, too so you have a chance to enter them. Sorry for the trouble!

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Posted on 10/4/08

I just wanted to make a public note that someone has been abusing the contact me. I am getting false player reports that are full of crap. If this continues by the same IP adress I will track it and find out if they have an account. If so, they will be permentetly banned from Pony. I do not need my email quota being wasted with crap. It is a waste of my time and yours. This is a warning to anyone. If this happens again I will act.

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Katie's B-Day Jamboree

Posted on 10/2/08

Wellz, most of you probably are not aware, but my Birthday is on the 14th, so I decided to throw myself a special show 'party'. Entry fees and point gains remain the same as always but the winner will reciveive a special Birthday Saddle Pad. This item will only be given out this time every year, and only one per year! So its gonna be worth something. Run date is on October 14th, my birthday, so be sure to enter!

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Feeding, Farrier, and More

Posted on 9/30/08

I will be working on adding an option to feed your horses, groom horses, vet your horses, and exercise them. They will end up counting for an overall stat so your horses health and groom and all that will eventually affect how your horses preform in shows.

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Posted on 9/29/08

Wellzzz, I finally got around to coding an automatic news posting system. Before it was just a pretty ol' HTML table that I continuously filled out. So, yeah!

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