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Breed Research; Almost Done!

Posted on 05-19-18 9:45

For those of you who didn't realize, the breed research page is available on the Avenue page!

The reason I'm bringing attention to it now is because we are almost done with the breed research for every breed in the database!

I have just gone through and deleted all the breeds that inactive players had laid claim to because I'm adding a 7-day timer to the claims and to the edit chances so claims don't last forever.

Please take a shot at filling out a research form for a breed you know and you'll earn 5 horseshoes/rubies for a job well done! :D

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Notice Anything? ;D

Posted on 05-19-18 3:58

If you haven't seen, there's now links to visit older news posts! :D

I have a lot of news posts that kept getting pushed back by my continuous news spam so I would lose information that I didn't actually write down anywhere else (shame on me) and kept going to the database to find it xD

Well, that got old fast (I had to do it twice before this got installed) and now I can (and YOU can) go back aaaaaaall the way to the first news post Katie (the original owner) made all the way back in 2008! WOO!

Hitting the "LAST" button will take you back to the start of Pony's news history!
Hitting "NEXT" will take you back 40 news posts (each page has 40 posts)

After hitting one of those, you will get the "FIRST" button that takes you to the most recent posts!
Hitting "PREVIOUS" will take you to the 40 posts newer to the page you're currently on!

Feel free to browse through the old news and see what info you hadn't before!

EDIT:Now I can also edit news posts on site!! I couldn't before and also had to go through the database ;w; Yay for ease of access!!

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Items on Images: How would YOU want it done?

Posted on 05-18-18 6:06

I figured we should discuss this a little now since I'm going to be working on revamping items when I go on my 'maternity leave' in a while.

With breeds getting custom images, something I had wanted to do (but will take a very long time) is making it so the items show up on the images. This would be easiest for the companions (the critters, like the dogs and ducks) and backgrounds since we only need to draw one image, even as the thumbnail. But this is about the not-so-easy to finish ones: the horse tack.

We have two options that we can do for finishing this, but neither is really going to be faster than the other.

By breed when each breed gets all the items drawn for it at once. I personally think this would be the easier but less ideal option since we will be revamping the breeds and can do the items as we finish the breed art. The down-side is we would have nekkid horses that have no images for a while. There is the option of not being able to purchase the incomplete breeds until the breed art is done, but I don't think that would be very good.

By item would be each item being completed individually for ALL breeds at once. This would mean we would need to finish all of the breed art before the items are done on the images, but I know some of you might prefer the horses have images before the items are added. I think this would be the more ideal, but more complicated option since seeing what your horses look like has a major impact (at least for me).

Right now, there are 238 equippable items in the database. ~51 of them are 'toys' that should only need one image (I think around 10 would show up on the horse tho) but this doesn't include the items that are being re-purposed or even removed in V2 (because there's partial sets that I want to clear out for consistency)

I wanted to hear what you guys think would be a good idea. Would you rather all the breed art is completed first or would you be okay with nekkid or even unavailable horse breeds?

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Ages on Rare Horses & Tell me about bugs?

Posted on 05-18-18 2:09

You can now set ages on the horses you buy from the Rare dealer!

And, since I'm spamming you guys, be sure to tell me about bugs that should be fixed (whether its just annoying or if its a serious issue) or slight adjustments you'd like to see.

I'm also thinking of giving Geldings a slight boost in shows (perhaps around a 5% score bonus), but that might take a little more fiddling...

So yea, let me know of your grievances with V1 and I'll try to fix them to the best of my ability ^-^

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Image Reload Button!

Posted on 05-18-18 1:33

Now you guys can fix missing images on your own horses by hitting a little link that will appear under where the image should be! I don't know why I didn't think of this as a solution sooner xD

The link will only appear on the horses you own, but its a million times faster than waiting on me to get to them ;3 The image should load instantly, but let me know if there's any problems for you getting the images to work!

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Rare Breed Dealer Adjusted

Posted on 05-18-18 11:42

I removed the requirement for adding a unique name to your horse at the rare breed dealer.
Now, if you decide to make a horse with no name, it is called "New Horse" until you change it!

I also added the ability to select which barn it gets placed in when you buy so it isn't in limbo in your barn office ;w;

I'm also trying to figure out what's botched on the Online user page >.>;; I'll mention when I get that figured out, but its gonna wait until I've finished the framework for the V2 layout mark ups (I have about 16 major pages left to do, but the framework is easy and takes about 5 - 30 minutes per page, depending on the number of sections each needs to be streamlined)

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Busy Summer Ahead... So You Know Our Gameplan... And Possible Store Crosses

Posted on 05-17-18 3:02

Okay, I wanted to warn you guys before this happens since I have time NOW.

Delay #1: Aela's birthday (estimated for late June) is around the corner! This will probably take me offline for a little while since she'll need to adjust. During this offline time, we'll be putting together Pony's art since I've been working on the coding aspects completely. I'll be doing Friesian art and 2 other breeds (you guys nominate which breeds you like most; the majority vote is what I'll do) and while I'm doing this, I'll be having Kaos do 3 other breeds as well (I think she's already got a Welsh Pony started).

Delay #2: We're going to be moving in early July. This wasn't intentional since it clashes with a newborn, but our rent is being jacked up a full +$300 and we can't really afford to be paying $1100 a month for a 2-bedroom townhouse :P So we're trying to find a better place to move to. We actually will be selling about 40% of all our stuff (to cut down on how much we'll need to move) and by doing so, we're actually pretty good on packing up. We're trying to have it all done before mid-June when I might not be able to do much (since Aela is wearing me out by rubbing her butt on my diaphram...) but this won't be a major delay and will probably fall in the time when I'll be with Aela anyway. I'm aiming for total efficiency with this packing and moving by commandeering my brother on his days off to do heavy lifting and being strict on what's able to be kept.

Our game plan is to get the visuals of Pony done while I'm not able to do any coding because as nice as it is for Pony's V2 to be working, it looks boring. Minimal layout structure, basic colors and no images on ANYTHING D; What I'll probably end up doing is drawing the basics on paper and have my sister (who is a really good artist for a 15 year old) do the linearts over my sketches for me to set aside for shading and coloring later.

With this plan in mind, I should be able to do a large number of item revamps and still have time to draw the 3 breeds out for lining. The most time consuming part would end up being the shading process.

Now, while I'm on the topic of art, I wanted to ask how you guys felt about possibly being able to buy breed crosses from the Rare Breed dealer? Like Warlanders (Friesian x Andalusian) or Aztecas (Paints/QH x Andalusian) or even Friesian crosses (over 60% Friesian) or Clydesdale crosses (over 60% Clyde)?

In V2's code, there is a limit on what colors can occur in your horse buys because of purebreeding. Friesians, for example, are majority black based horses with a 5% chance at each E gene being recessive for red (e). But if we add the ability to buy crossbreeds or breed crosses, that limit will be lifted and there'd be the ability to get other colors on a horse that looks similar to any breed you prefer. This shouldn't be too hard to code since I can set it so it goes back XXX number of generations to determine if the breeds in the pedigree are identical (making it a 100% purebred) or if there's any number of variations (taking a predictable percentage based on how far back it goes).

The question is would you guys like this and if so, how many generations back should we check? Because if it is too short, it can be possible to technically get a purebred in only a few breedings, but if its too long, the pedigree page is going to need to scroll (which really wouldn't be a problem for me). I think the scrolling would be ideal though since there's also going to be a inbreeding counter on all the horse pages (as described in this thread, for those of you who weren't here or forgot) because you'll be able to see exactly which horse(s) are crossing multiple times in the pedigree.

Right now, horse pedigrees only go back to the great-grandparents (3-generations), but if we add the crosses, I was thinking a 15- or 20-generation pedigree would be excellent to get a good idea on which breeds went into a horse's breeding. This would also be a wonderful tool for players that love long-breeding and making extensive pedigrees with their horses. Or, if the idea of the pedigrees rolling on forever sounds daunting, it might be possible to select which pedigree view you'd see? 10-, 15, or 20-generation long? And, for horses that extend beyond that limit, there can be a small "+XYZ generations" link that counts up until they hit store bought horses on that particular horse?

I also would make it so it only shows up until store-bought horses exist (since stores have no history); so if your horse has 3 generations on its father's side, but its mother was a storebought, only its mother and her store parents would show on her side of the pedigree, but the father's pedigree would show him, his parents, grandparents, great grandparents and the stores that produced them (so technically 4 generations beyond the father).

I hope this makes sense, but I'll put together a few examples (if this is something you guys would want added) with the layout mark-ups so you can see what I mean if I'm speaking in tongues.

If you guys have any questions about anything here, feel free to post or message me! I'm going back to working on the layout mark-ups to get those done asap so we can get V2 looking like its something special!

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Bulk/Wholesale Shop! Also Impending Staff Applications! ;D

Posted on 05-14-18 8:34

So irl, my family has been spending too much time at BJ's Wholesale so the idea of it has been brought into Pony's V2.

In the wholesale bulk shop, Eliot (the handsome shop keeper) can provide you with bulk land purchases (in 10-acre increments), Industrial sized barns with 100 stalls and soon, bulk amounts of consumable items that you can feed your horses or use in your professions.

These bulk items with have 10x-20x more uses than the individual items or item bundles. There will be sacks and crates of items (each having a larger number of items than in the regular goods store) for those players that tend to hoard their pets in sims (like me... xD).

In addition to the wonderful benefit of being able to buy larger amounts of items you'd probably use a lot, there is a 5% discount on your buys! These discounts will also be stackable with the discounts that players under the Merchant profession will obtain.

There will also be the option to buy horses in bulk (I haven't gotten there yet). You will have to pick the breed and gender, but ages will range from 2y, 6m to 3y, 6m (if I get the scripting correct) and the stats would be randomly generated along with the color genetics.

Okay, okay, all that sounds great, Shino, but what's the catch? You have to buy a membership. That's it. It isn't even that costly. $16.99 for each 30 days and you can buy a full year at $203.88; I'm still thinking how much a lifetime membership should be (in Rubies).

Beyond that, I'm still trying to figure out the best way to get the condition on horses to balance. I'm also going to be working on the training arenas so you guys can train horses. As I've said, I'm going to try getting the training and showing scripts done so we can move into V2 testing.

Before I get on all that, I'll be finishing the mod and newbie helper application form. That way, you guys can put in your applications to apply for those positions now and I'll be able to accept, deny or approve* your applications.
*Approval means you meet the qualifications for the position, but either we're fully staffed or you are missing one vital qualification (either player age, account age, or availability; something that can change for the better over time).

Being approved will save applications in the database for 1 year before it is deleted automatically; the only other way it will be removed is if you turn down the position later. Being denied will be saved in the database for 60 days before it is deleted automatically. There won't be another way to deleted denied applications since they are being denied for a reason, but after your application is deleted, you are welcome to reapply!

Okay, with all that information, I'll let you guys know what the guidelines are for these positions:

*Age 16+
*Player for at least 6 months (This won't apply for this up coming staff hunt since V2 is going to change a lot of how things work)
*At least 3.5 hours per week available for Pony's staff work (about 30min per day; this is not including your play time!), more time is better
*Thorough understanding of the rules (This also won't apply for the up coming staff hunt because of V2)
*Clean report/fine history from the last year
*BONUS: Prior moderator or newbie helper experience on other sims

Newbie Helper
*Age 13+ (minimum age to play Pony)
*Player for at least 2 months (This won't apply for this up coming staff hunt since V2 is going to change a lot of how things work)
*At least 3.5 hours per week available for Pony's staff work (about 30min per day; this is not including your play time!), more time is better
*Thorough understanding of Pony's gameplay (This also won't apply for the up coming staff hunt because of V2)
*Clean report/fine history from the last year
*BONUS: Prior newbie helper experience on other sims

This information will also be posted on the application page (since I might push it out of sight). I also wanted to stress the importance of these roles on Pony. A good (or bad) staff team can literally make or break a sim. I've seen sims close down because of how the staff treated the players. More than once. When you apply to be apart of Pony's staff, you are making a vow to be fair, honest and respectful of our players regardless of if you don't agree with them. Those who cannot uphold this vow need not apply. Those who only wish to abuse their position or lord over others need not apply. Please keep this in mind and remember that all players on Pony are to be afforded your respect.

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V2 Progress: Stud Fees, Condition, Rollover and Feeding

Posted on 05-12-18 11:43

I'm ironing out the kinks of the scripts I couldn't test before I actually had horses in V2.

Now, your horses will actually age (they didn't at first) after you login the first time during the day.

I'm working on making the stud fees automatically private for stallions being offered at stud. This will make it so you get an alert and need to approve of the mare's request to breed with your stud. This will give you the chance to vet mares before they breed to your stallion. To bypass the manual accepting, you can set him to public stud with a little checkbox near the stud fee box to set his fee.

Feeding and watering works, but I'm trying to figure out how to balance the feeding/watering ratio to the condition gain so you don't end up with obese horses every day. At the moment, feeding increases condition while watering decreases condition, but I'm thinking of setting it so training and competing your horses will use up some of a horse's condition to help maintain their ideal body weight.

I haven't put together the default vet or farrier just yet so that kinda just lowers each night.

I'm going to get back to kink ironing, but my progress might slow since my younger sister got me sick so a migraine has set in -,-;;
PSA: Don't touch anything at a Chuck E Cheese. Better yet, never go to Chuck E Cheese if you can help it.

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Disease and Injuries?

Posted on 05-11-18 7:49

I can't remember if I mentioned this to you guys, but I had been thinking about the addition of diseases and injuries into Pony's system.

There would be a list of diseases your horses could contract, cures for them and penalties for the diseases being ignored. Same would apply for injuries (though injuries can cause additional problems in the form of diseases; think of a cut getting infected).

Now, what I'm not sure on is whether you guys would be interested in something like that and how far we should take it.

Would you want there to be this extra feature? Would it bother you or make you want to play a little more during the day? If we do add it, would you want there to be mortal consequences for certain illnesses or injuries (your horse could die) or make it so your horses will live forever even with a disease?

The reason I'm asking is since we already have death (randomly generated when the horse is created) in Pony, it'd be logical for us to add alternative ways for a horse to die prematurely instead of romanticizing that they'll live a natural, long life as a competition horse (a career that is filled with ways for a horse to end up getting sick or euthanized before its natural lifespan is reached).

If this is accepted, it could tie into a bunch of other features that we have planned. There will also be a record of any thing added, especially deadly injuries or diseases that can be contracted, with a very low percentage rate of them being obtained. I'm thinking a 0.01% chance of a common illness or disease and a 0.001% chance of anything deadly.

Let me know what you guys think of this idea and I'll make a note of what'd be good to start with (we can always expand later, right?)

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Posted on 05-10-18 9:35

I finally found that error on the breeding script that was making it not work! In that near 3000 lines of script, I forgot to place one single apostrophe (') that made the whole thing lose its mind :P

I've moved into the horse page (since I can actively see how it looks now) and will start working on the trainer or showing script after.

I'll also be making a script for us to be able to automatically create barns, facilities and massive amounts of horses to test everything with with the legitimate intent on breaking Pony's code with 'too many' of all those things.

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Working on the Breeder More...

Posted on 05-09-18 11:37

So I found a way to try debugging the nearly 3k lines of code in the breeder script and realized when I was doing a dummy check of the code that my hidden quality genes was way askew....

Remember how I said it'd be mostly neutrals with a high chance at good genes in the store (it was a ways back in the news posts)? Weeeeeeelll... I did it wrong.

I made it so there was a high rate of good genes with a low rate of neutrals and bad genes. This really tossed the stat quality up and kinda made it so there wasn't really a point in the hidden genes being added because the genes were always pretty good.

I've gotta go in and adjust the script, but this will give me the chance to try and find the small, insignificant mistake that is making the script not work at all... I'm hoping this will make the error clear while I go through so we can move on to rewriting the training script and showing scripts. Once those two scripts are done, we can open up the staff applications and start moving into V2 testing.

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Merging Script Completed

Posted on 05-07-18 10:14

~~ I spent several hours putting together a lengthy post detailing some changes that will be coming in V2's showing system, but the time it took to type it kicked me offline so when I tried to post it, I lost the whole damn thing ;w; Soooo... here's the main point:

I've finished the script for you guys to be able to import your currency (PB and Rubies), barns and training facilities and all the other nick knacks that come with a V1 account. The only thing that isn't in the script yet is having your V1 account deleted so you can't keep collecting on your funds and spaces.

This script, while vital, is completely irrelevent for V2 since it's not going to be released for use until V2's testing phase is over... but what ever, right?

I'll be working on the breeder script, import tokens, training script and showing scripts next (and will include the details about the stuff that was lost in my prior attempt to inform you guys of this script's completion. ;w;

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Overdue (temporary) Fix for V1 Inventories... And More V2 Overhaul Info

Posted on 05-06-18 2:42

So I'm sure you've noticed that the inventory page here was... well in short, fucked. It was because of the images for a handful of items were being hosted on Photobucket instead of on Pony's server. With Photobucket having a new setting so 3rd party hosting wasn't allowed, it put an image saying such on the items where they're being hosted off-site. The image that was being displayed was about 500px and 5 times bigger than our items so it skewed the inventory page.

I've set the inventory page to automatically set the image to 100px (thumbnail sized for all the items) to fix the stretching pages until I can replace the images, but the images being replaced won't be a quick feat.

And, as a heads up for the future of items in Pony, I wanted to let you guys know that some items are going to be expanded on and some are going to be made into complete sets.

All sports are going to have a basic set, a deluxe set and a professional set of tack. The default, game made versions will only be black or brown. To get colors, they will need to be made by a Leather-worker (professions again) with the appropriate colored leather and thread.

From there, there'll be a range of all purpose tack in six different colors (red, yellow, blue, green, purple and orange) to coordinate with the 6 performance stats in Pony. These will only come in basic and deluxe versions.

As special equipment for the Player Point store and Grand Prix store, there'll be patterned, two-toned and three-toned equipment that boosts 2 or 3 stats. The patterned equipment will be exclusive and unable to be created by Leather-workers. These will typically be the holiday items, Ruby exchange items and monthly donation reward exclusives.

For the multi-colored tack, there'll be the ability to learn how to make it from the Player Point store (it'd be a consumable 'pattern' item that will cost a lot of player points to buy. Player points will be earned through playing regularly; there'll be a chance at getting a point for caring for horses, training horses, in a random event, by making shows, posting on the forums and as a reward from mods and admin for good behavior.

I'm also thinking of adding a Player of the Week raffle where friends can nominate and vote for you (and you for others) to get a large sum of PP (based on how many players are nominated). This would have a lot of stipulations (no buying votes or bribing for example) and you could only win once every 2 months so players can't abuse the free PP wins, but I thought this would be a nice way of thanking someone for being a good sport and pillar of the community (because all sims need a good community with friendly, welcoming players!)

Let me know what you guys think of the PoW idea and feel free to post suggestions for items to go into a 2017 item bundle that all V1 accounts will get at the end of V2 testing!

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Item Overhaul Details: Horse Tack

Posted on 04-27-18 11:56

I wanted to explain more on the overhauls for items as I finish setting up and start updating some of the items for that category. I finished the horse tack set up and here's the changes they're getting:

*Now horse tack can improve up to 3 stats and can damage one other stat. So if you have a horse that is trained in Dressage (+++int, ++agility +charisma (currently trust, but that's changing in v2 ) are its stats) and start getting the higher end equipment. That equipment is specially designed for dressage and will damage stats in other areas (lets say speed for example) that are not good for competing in dressage. So while that item might give a total of 14 points in pro-dressage stats, it can do a 5-point stat reduction on a stat not meant for dressage.

Now, this only will effect one stat on only the higher priced and specialized items that boost more stats, but the damage isn't all bad. With how I'm planning on revamping the shows, non-specialized stats in a discipline are only going to count as 1/4th their usual value. So that 12 stat speed horse in dressage is actually only going to be +3 to your horse's show score. This is to counter the fact that the primary stat is going to be worth x2, secondary stat is worth x1.5 and the tertiary stat is x1.

*Animal items currently in V1 are going to morph into companion animals for V2. So your llamas, lions and ducks are going to actually be buddies for your horse and provide a different set of bonuses. This means you'll get the accessory slot back to put actual accessories on your horse (like the toys)

*All items will have an effect on your horses' trust and it might not always be good.For those of you who don't recall, trust is being revamped to make it so it plays a more vital role in your horse's performance. An untrusting horse is less likely to do things for you and more likely to have tantrums (from having a high difficulty) or panic attacks (from having a high excitability). Having high trust makes it so your horse is more obedient and has a better chance of improving skills while training or competing.

*Tack will have a rarity value that contributes to how easily (or difficultly) the item can be found or purchased for. This is to go in tune with purchaseable and rewarded supply crates that will be a consumable item in v2, providing useful equipment and items for you guys to use for your stables, horses and riders.

*Store prices are going to be fluid to help keep the markets stable. Items will have a minimum price and a max price that the shop keeper(s) will sell for and the price for the week will be generated randomly between those numbers. The low end will be set by me (based on realistic market value for these items) and the high end will be about 25% - 30% more and set randomly by the item updating script I've made (after it gets a bit more tweaking for the overhaul's changes)

*Tack (and human apparel) will have a condition percentage based on how often your horse shows, trains and goes exploring. The amount it will deteriorate is going to be minute for each action (only around .1 - .3% per action at random with additional wear for a horse having a tantrum or panicking. This is for people in the craft profession (Leather working) that will be able to make and repair tack. As the condition of the tack deteriorates, the stats it boosts will be effected and any stats it damages will be compounded (so a speed damaging saddle that has a bad condition will make the speed worse without giving as many good stats in the areas its supposed to boost). "Excellent" condition is 80-100%, "Good" condition is 60-79, "Fair" is 40-59, "Poor" is under 39 and at 19, the item has a chance to break completely! If the item does break, you'll get "Scrap leather" that a Leather-worker can use to make something new (with enough pieces) and have a chance at getting other salvaged pieces from the item (such as rhinestones or decorative thread for high-end tack or D-rings and swivel rings for bridles or halters). But, if you don't want to let your items break, you can take it to a Leather-worker beforehand and they can repair it! And, if they're skilled enough (or just plain lucky), they can actually repair the item into a better state than ever! There'll be a small default chance (0.1% chance) of them improving an item to "Pristine" condition at 110% and this chance gets more likely as the Leather-worker gains skill and experience! When at Pristine condition, the tack will actually have a stat bonus where the primary stat gets +2, secondary gets +1 and any negative effects are -2 (potentially neutralizing the negative effect). This will last as long as the item is in pristine condition! And before you guys get sly and think you can just hit the Leatherworker until your items are pristine, no. You won't be able to repair anything until its less than Excellent condition. Stats won't start being negatively effected until the item is at Fair quality and even then, the stat reduction is minimal until it hits Poor.

*There will be exclusive items you guys will be getting that will be released for claim on V1 to get in V2's merge. I have 2 items (a companion and an accessory) that I plan on releasing to everyone with a v1 account to claim for collection on V2. I'm not saying what it is (because its a surprise) but I hope you guys will love it and appreciate it when it gets released.

And, before I forget, I wanted to explain the inventory overhaul that is coming with the item overhaul:

*Items will stack and be sorted based on the item type and the items database id. This will stop us from having a 1000-item inventory page of nothing but duplicate items (Do you know how many copies I have of the basic bridle? Its crazy) that scroll on forever. If you have only neon orange tack, you'll only see one thumbnail of the saddle, bridle and boots even if you have 20+ copies of each.
And, on the inventory page, you will only see the item type you select for: saddle, bridles, saddle pads, etc or a general group you select for (apparel, tack, consumables, backgrounds, companions) instead of everything. This is to help hoarders (like me) from having what feels like infinite load times on their inventory.

*When you select a stack of an item, it will only load in 3 rows of 5 items (15 items total) before it will say at the bottom "and x more in behind them." Why? Load times. There's no point in loading 100 images of the exact same item. They will be sorted from lowest condition rate being presented first to highest (capping at 100%) being loaded last or left in the surplus count. Pristine items will be in their own section under the surplus Excellent quality items so you can pick them directly if you wish.

*Certain features in v1 will be turned into tradeable items in V2. The Immortality and Aging potions will be turned into actual consumable items in v2 so you can get the Immortality potion back if you have any horses that you were promised will live forever. And, for those of you that don't realize, the import tokens will be to import V1 horses (until the V1 database is deleted) AND will be able to make customized horses with a stat boost. These will be tradeable items as well so when you find/earn/buy them, you can give them to someone else or use them on another account. They will be a new and lasting item through out V2 since a custom horse is a great prize for someone who can't buy Rubies/Horseshoes to earn through playing and leveling up their rider over time!

Those are all the plans in store for V2's item and inventory overhauls. I'm going to try working my way through updating some of the tack in the old database table and then will move on to the consumables. There currently aren't any background or human apparel items to worry about so getting the tables for those ready is all I'd need to do.

And, for you guys to have more incentive to play V1 (even with not much to do but wait), I'm adding in the ability for you guys to find horse tokens and land vouchers in random events. Hopefully, this will be a nice way to expand you guys' land and import token stash without needing to spend up all of your PB.

If you guys have any questions, feel free to post here or on the forum!

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Sorry for the Lack of Updates: V2 Inventory Overhaul

Posted on 04-24-18 11:22

I realize that it's been a while since my last update, but I haven't had much in the way of decent progress to report. Most of the features I have been working on are new and are being made from scratch so there's a lot of trial and error with the code. Then, due to features planned and items intended, I realized that the inventory and items will need a total overhaul.

As of now, all the items are rather flat. One stat boost and to the point in one database table (imagine a deck of cards and the items are the cards). With some of the ideas in mind for v2, I would need to change that.

With this overhaul, items will be sorted into different database tables based on their type (the face of the cards; hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades all sorted into smaller piles); this will help me make changes to the items based on its use. Horse tack will have up to 3 stats boosted (to match it's sport purpose), rider aparrel will have up to 4 skills boosted, consumables will have up to 5 different effects and then background images will have one function of modifying the background of your horses.

I hope by sorting the items this way, it will be easier to change an item's uses in the future as well as incorporating the items into the new system planned for v2.

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V2 Progress: University and Riders

Posted on 03-23-18 5:22

I'm almost done with the University script (so you guys can sign up for and learn professions) and the rider page so you guys can level up your characters.

The character leveling works and gives you money each time you level up. Currently, the formula to get money is:

Reward = (250*level)+(25*level);
So if you're level 5:
($250*5)+($25*5) = $1,375 for leveling

I don't have any plans to adjust this at the moment, but I'll let you guys know if I do.

You will gain experience from browsing the site (small amounts, 1-5 points), from caring for your horses, training in arenas and from competing. There isn't a limit on how much exp you can gain in a single day and I don't have any plans to add one since there isn't a level cap in mind.

So far in the university, there's only the 3 basic levels of the professions: Health and Wellness, Behavior and Liberty, and Creation and Marketing.
Once I get the courses working as I want, I'll be expanding on these a little more to make different ranks and there will be different bonuses for each rank. Advancing would be done similarly to advancing your rider: complete tasks that reflect the course you're enrolled for. There will also be the ability to 'study' once a day to give yourself a larger boost of experience in your profession.

Once we get the ranks working, there will be the ability to advance and develop specialties in the fields you sign up to learn. These specialties will give you the ability to offer services to other players once you get high enough in level. There will also be the ability to reach 'professional' status by reaching a high enough level (I haven't decided where this would be just yet) and taking an exam. I'm still mulling over ideas on what would be good rewards and bonuses for reaching professional status, but we can talk over ideas as we get to that point.

Let me know if you guys have questions!

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Baby Girl On The Way!

Posted on 02-26-18 10:23

I know I haven't mentioned it completely (aside from a small hint a few news posts back), but I'm expecting my second child this summer! I was holding off on mentioning it until I knew what gender and the due date would be and I got the date a while back, but today we got a confirmed gender!

Bean (what my family has been calling the baby) is a little girl that should be due at the end of June or early July!

I'm really excited about it because my husband and I had both been hoping for a little girl this run (since we already have a son) and when we get closer to the due date, I'll be sure to have a plan in place for V2 to be looked after during the few weeks when Bean first gets home.

As of now, I'm thinking I'll be able to still put at least 3 hours a day into Pony's coding or bug mending, but this would depend on how easily she adjusts. I'll keep you guys posted on what's going to happen, but I'll make sure Pony's coding and progress continues even if I'm offline for a little while!

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V2 Progress: Breeder Script In Progress

Posted on 02-25-18 2:17

I've been trying to get the breeder script working. This is taking a long time because of all the new features of horses and mending a lot of broken parts of the current set ups (color genetics are wonky af here...)

The new script is a bazillion lines long so typos ANYWHERE are a nightmare. It takes a while for me to scroll the entire script to find where I missed a key or added an extra, but this will all be worth it in the end!

I'm also considering making it so you guys can buy horses in bulk during testing phase (up to 100 horses with random genes and stats) to try breaking something with massive amounts of horses.

I may or may not also leave this in for official V2 with the max you can buy at once being how many breeder slots you have available.

There is also going to be purchasable breeder slots that don't expire at the end of the week like regular slots do. You'll get 4 extra slots for one Ruby/HS and this amount might increase if the price of a Ruby/HS changes (at the moment, I have a tentative $5k price tag on them in the exchange in V2 but this might go up if making money is really hard on V2).

I have also increased the default amount of breeder slots you guys get per week. 2 horses a week seemed really low and would be very difficult to get lines started with (without inbreeding, I should say) on your own. You now get 4 breeder slots as a basic account and 8 breeder slots as an upgraded account per day. This way, you can easily establish breeding lines.

The catch for the extra slots is that the horses in the store are randomly selected each day. So it might be a little while before your breed(s) are in store.

This feature isn't going to be added until we work out the kinks in the store's features. I'd wager it'd be a just-about-to-close-out-testing-in-the-next-few-days addition that's released at the last minute.

Let me know what you guys think or if you have any suggestions for the breeder script while I track down the one-key typo I've made in the code ;w; I'll let you know when I got it working and start with the training or showing scripts (showing script is going to take a while...)

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A Possible Change to V1: Age on Login

Posted on 02-22-18 2:33

In V2, I was able to write a code to make so horses only aged when you logged in for the day. This made it so you could go for ages without losing your horses to the rescue center.

I know there aren't a lot of you guys on, but I was wanting to see how many of you would prefer if I could try re-writing V1's script to do the same. This way, you guys aren't required to login daily and won't lose your horses if you miss a few days.

Just as a warning, me fiddling with these codes can cause something else to break. I'll do my best to make this go as smoothly, but with V1's funky codes, anything could go wrong from me messing with the old scripts.

Just let me know whether you'd prefer I leave it as is or go in and re-write the scripts and I'll do what you guys prefer.

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Missing Images- Sorry Guys!

Posted on 02-20-18 11:00

I see that there's been problems with some breeds getting their images generated, but this is a long standing issue from the image creation script.

JVD and I never figured out why its not working correctly and some breeds don't get images when created or born.

If you can, post links to the horses you own that are missing their picture and I'll try getting it straight manually.

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Mucking Stalls: Yay or Nay?

Posted on 02-16-18 6:12

Hey guys, I was working on art for V2 (doing the paddocks atm) and wanted to know how you guys felt about this idea:

In V2, you can fertilize your paddocks and gardens with a purchased fertilizer. It got me thinking that some farms would probably make their own if they had enough horses (and being competing horse farms, I'd say that Pony players fall in that category).

How do you guys like the sound of mucking the stalls of your horses to collect the manure to turn into a free fertilizer for your paddocks and gardens? This would be a simple button either at the top of your horse's page when you first check them or at the top of a barn page to collect from all horses housed there at once. It would instantly turn 15 pieces of manure into one bag of Weak Organic Fertilizer (or save it if you don't have enough to turn into a bag of fertilizer) and each horse could generate between 2 and 5 pieces of manure. The catch is you only get this if you actually click the "Muck Stalls" button and it would reset daily. And, if you have any horses in your paddocks, you could collect manure there as well (still 2-5 pieces per horse); I'm batting around the idea of pastured horses having a higher collection rate because they're eating more frequently. Perhaps their manure drop rate could be based on the grass quality of the paddock they're in?

This wouldn't be mandatory and you could easily pass on collecting manure from your horses if you don't wish to, but I thought this would be a nice option for players who are considering farming in the professions tree (where you get to produce your own feed for horses) to be able to gain free fertilizer for farming with.

Let me know what you think and I'll let you guys know when I finish the paddock art!

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Sorry For The Absence

Posted on 02-13-18 11:25

My son and I had gotten the flu last week and ended up being offline while we recovered, but just as I got over the flu, I realized that I had a very severe pain in my back.

Went to the hospital and they said "Oh, its a UTI, we gotta keep you here to clear it up so you don't go into premature labor!" which was kinda bummer because my husband had gotten the flu from us and now needed to watch Mikey since I was away.

Spent the last 30-some hours in the hospital (it was nice tho, got to sleep ALL DAY) while on antibiotics and didn't have my laptop to do anything. I'll try getting back to V2 and working on some art for you guys (since V2 is nekkid without it) if I can keep awake. The antibiotics make me super tired, so I might not get as much done as usual until I'm through taking it. Hopefully these pills they gave clear out the last of the infection and I don't need to return to the hospital for another stay because they'd keep me for a few days.

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V2 Progress: Minor Script Updates and Hidden Genes Added (and possibly Patreon)

Posted on 02-06-18 12:58

I spent the last few days doing updates to several minor pages: Profiles, horse pages, barn adjustments, profile comments, online users, games page, show page, inventory and livechat. Some of these still need work or other features to be certain they function properly (horse pages, shows, barns), but they don't show any errors so I'm currently assuming they work until there's an error saying otherwise.

Beyond that, I added the ability for horses to have their hidden conformation stats. I shifted how they're going to be displayed for ease of insertion into the database, but the point on them holds true.

Now, instead of being B, G and N to determine its quality, it is paired as QQ for G, qq for B and Qq for N. They still perform the way I mentioned:

QQ is +2 points, qq is -2 points and Qq is 0 points (+1 and -1)

Each conformation trait (head, neck, coat, chest, back, withers, croup, legs, hoof, barrel) has 15 pairs of these genes for a total of 150 hidden genes that can improve or weaken your horse's quality.

When you guys make horses in the breeder store, they will have a higher rate of good or neutral genes with around 20% chance per gene to end up with a bad gene. This is to help you guys get as good a start in your lines as possible. This rate is going to get lower for the Rare breed dealer (dropped to 15%) so the more expensive horses are worth the extra money to import them. Custom horses are going to have an even lower percentage (around 10%) for bad gene quality.

The rate for good genes is going to be higher than the rate for bad genes (30% for main breeder, 35% for the rare breeder and 40% for the custom tool), but neutral genes is going to have the highest rate.

The horses you guys are going to get from the horse tokens are going to have the highest percentage of good to neutral and the lowest rate of bad genes: Good genes are 45%, bad genes at 5% and neutrals at 50% to give returning players the best start in V2 (since you have to give up some horses). I may or may not increase the number of tokens everyone gets to start with as well. This depends on how complicated the hidden genes makes breeding (if you get a lot of bad foals in comparison to its parents, I'll boost how many tokens everyone gets to start with).

Also, I've been looking into Patreon subscriptions to help with funding V2. There are some things I'd like to get for Pony that Patreon support would help with (server upgrades, breed and item art purchases and programming assistance for features). I haven't finished setting up the rewards, but all tiers have bonuses and items you'll gain in V2. I'll let you guys know if and when the Patreon subscriptions can be bought (or if I scrap the idea entirely).

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V2 Updates: Add Breeds Script Made and Merging Script In Progress

Posted on 02-03-18 8:51

I decided to take a crack at making the merging script for V2. It works in some areas but not in others.

Money isn't transferring for some reason, but credits, PP, evals, land and tokens do save onto your V2 account.

I also can't get the barns and training facilities to transfer the way they ought to... Oh well. I started working on it early so I have plenty of time to figure out why it doesn't work right.

Besides that, I spent today and yesterday writing a script to add breeds into the database. It automates and hides a LOT of the info on the breeds. This way, not even I know the end-game for the cap on breed stats! They can be as high as 350,000 for a major stat to as low as 300,000 for a weak stat. That's all I know. The exact number of a cap for each stat is a mystery that is in the database.

Beyond the cap for each stat, it also automates the minimum possible stat that a horse can be bought with. This is as high as 18 for sport stats and as high as 7 for conformation stats (conformation needs a bit of explaining tho) and as low as 1 point in both conformation and sport stats.

Now, conformation is going to be a little different than being as cut-and-dry as having a set stat number like the sport stat. The horses are going to have hidden gene stats that play a role in their posted conformation stat. There was a news post WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~y down the page, but I'll re explain it here:

Your horse is a Thoroughbred. They take a lot of consideration into the leg conformation of these horses. Because they gotta run. Its hidden genes will look something like this:


The B is a bad gene (think of this as a -1), the N is a neutral gene (this is 0) and the G is a good gene (this is +1).
Each gene will have an effect on how many stats your horse actually has. Bad stats subtract a point for each one, Neutrals have no effect and Good stats will add points for each one.

So, say your Thoroughbred of very good breeding gets a base stat of 14 in its hooves (double the max for a store horse, which would take a lot of dedicated and selective breeding). Lets count the hidden genes to see what it really ends up with:
He has 10 N and stays at 14. But, uh oh... He has 12 B marks... That takes him all the way down to 2... BUT, he also has 9 Gs! That bumps him back up to a very good place to finish at 11! He is still a great horse! You will need to try mating him with another Thoroughbred that has a high Leg stat to try improving his genes in the next generation.

The gene count for the hidden genes hasn't been decided yet, but I'm thinking of having it be around 20-25 genes (even tho my example used 30) so it isn't a HUGE problem after several generations (just annoying). These genes are also going to be inheritable from its parents. So by inbreeding recklessly, you damage your genes by homogenizing the genes.

These genes are also going to change how professional evaluations work: Instead of giving just evaluation points, it will make it so your horse gets scores to help you estimate how good (or bad) your horses' hidden genes are. These evaluation notes will be saved on your horse's page in a general sense ("Problem area" for heavily negative genes, "Needs work" for heavily neutral genes, "Great condition" for heavily positive genes).

Since I got Friesians in the database on V2, I'll finish up the script to generate colors (the coat colors are crazy complicated to code) and update the breeder script to try making one or two to work with rewriting the professional evaluation script.

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Horse Tokens and Pre-purchasing Acreage for V2

Posted on 02-02-18 2:08

I added the ability to purchase extra horse tokens and land on the Merge Logs page!

Everyone starts out with 5 acres of land promised (regardless of what facilities and barns they have); your facilities just ADD more to the land you're already getting! Just know that if you demolish a building (be it barn or facility), you will LOSE the space it was going to give you! This land purchase on the logs page is PERMANENT!

Everyone also starts with 6 horse tokens, but you can buy more to expand on how many horses you can start with. With the tokens, you can import a horse from this version (though it's going to get a bit of a stat reduction) OR make a completely custom horse with a stat boost!

While this doesn't do anything on this version, when we merge, they will add the post number of acres to your estate (so you already have space for expansion) and will add the number of horse tokens you have reserved into your inventory for use.

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V2 Training Facilities: Renting Spaces

Posted on 02-02-18 12:49

I figured I'd mention an idea I've got rolling around in my head before I start getting too far into the facilities code.

In V2, buying facilities isn't going to be cheap. At all. The cheapest available is $27,000 PB (which might not seem like much right now, but money isn't going to be as common in V2) and the most expensive without using Rubies (currently called Horse Shoes) is going to be $196,000 PB. It should take a while for a new player to earn enough money to train on their own estate facility. But, because they're going to be a high-end purchase, there's going to be a default trainer that new players can hire for $200 a round. But, since money is going to be tighter , that's going to get expensive fast.

I'm planning on making it so players can offer their facility spaces up for rent. You will get to set the cost of someone training on your estate and you can also set how many of your facility slots are available for the public (so if you have 10 slots, you can have 5 on reserve for your own horses at all times, but the other 5 slots can be used by you or a player trying to train). This might seem counter-productive for Pony, but I'm pretty sure this will actually work for the better than everyone being able to afford private facilities right at the start.

The reason I'm saying this NOW is because I want you current members to take advantage of the cheaper facilities available in V1. All facilities that import into V2 will start as small facilities (due to the prices) but by all of you guys having pre-existing facilities to rent out to new players that only signed up in V2, there'll be enough of a market for friendly rental competition.

But, here's a few things to keep in mind:
* Training takes anywhere from 3 minutes for a fully trained horse from an upgraded member to up to 15 minutes for an untrained horse from a non-upgraded member.
* The default trainer is able to train for ALL sports and its only $200
* Training isn't going to be mandatory to progress a horse's sport experience anymore; they'll gain small amounts of experience from shows and from leveling up
* Exuberant prices won't make people want to rent your facility. Try to price things fairly.
* Facilities are going to have a condition percentage; the more they're used, the faster they break down! Repairs will cost more for a badly damaged facility and horses will gain less experience from a broken facility!
* Facilities are going to be how you guys can make shows in V2! You will also be able to rent the facility for a show or private event!

That should be everything I wanted to inform you guys about...

With that said: The first 5 non-upgraded members to post a comment will get a free 10-day upgrade and $150k to buy themselves a few deluxe facilities from the Grand Prix store ;3

The first 5 upgraded members to post a comment will get $200k to buy deluxe facilities!

While you aren't required to spend the money on Deluxe facilities, I suggest you should buy at least one while they're cheaper here (They're going to be $70,000 PB on V2 and take up a LOT of estate space) to cash in on the lower price and the bonus acreage you'll get in the merge xD

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V2 Progress: Paddocks and Item Updater

Posted on 02-02-18 12:05

Today I made an item updating script to speed along the process of updating the 200-something items available in Pony's database. Once its done being used to update existing items, I'll be reworking the code to make it so it can also add new items, update or add images and unstock or restock them in stores (and change which stores they can sell in).

After that, I tried working on the training facilities expansions but that hit a dead end so I moved onto something else, paddocks.

I got about 65% of the paddock scripting done. You can buy them using different fencing types and view them on your stable page. I'm writing the page for them now and plan to have it so you can expand them, tear down the fencing (and get money back from the fence salvage), harvest hay when the grass quality is over 80% and upgrade (or downgrade) the fencing type. There might be some parts of this that I'll need to wait to code (like grass depletion from horses eating), but this is a start eh?

I'll try finishing up some of the paddocks and the training facilities (if I figure out why that isn't working) and will continue to keep you guys posted on what's being worked on or finished.

Edited from news comment:

And, while I'm thinking on it: If you guys are worried about the amount of space you'll get when we merge, I'll be scripting Pony V2 to allot you the largest acreage possible for your current facilities, barns and stalls to be imported. So if you end up with enough facilities, barns and stalls to have a 200 acre farm, you WILL get a 200 acre farm to hold everything! If you end up with enough space occupancy to end up being at 100 and 2/3 acres, you'll be bumped to having 101 acres.

I can also add the space you'll obtain (in addition to the default 5 acres) into the merge logs for you guys to know how much land you'll end up with!

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V2 Progress: Training Facilities, Rollover, Items and Gelding on V1

Posted on 01-31-18 10:43

In V2, I've finished working on the rollover script to make so your horses age when you login for the first time during the day. Every horse you own is going to be set to your own login so you won't need to send horses to other players if you're gone for extended periods and you won't lose your horses if you don't login after a few days.

You will, however, now need to care for your horses after logging in because they will lose up to 2 condition points per day and it only restores when they get fed and watered.
Condition is going to be one of the new stats that determines how healthy your horses are. Ideal condition is somewhere around 5 or 6 and there's decimal ranges (.1-.9) to extend how long it takes for a horse to reach a bad condition (emaciated and obese). If your horse is at under 3 condition, it is underweight and will suffer greatly (no showing or breeding and several stats will decrease) but the same also applies for when your horse is over 8 condition and becomes obese. Fat horses are slower and less agile than their healthier counterparts.

The training facilities are now able to be purchased and register on your estates properly, but I'm still fiddling with how to make it possible to upgrade to the next size. Working on the training aspect will have to wait until I finish the horse buying script to be written and tested. I didn't get as far with the upgrading script because I stopped to work on the rollover script (which took more time than I thought it would with the new stat adjustments) but I'll try finishing that soon to move on to the next task.

I also will be updating the items soon, but this will only be visible on v2. I'm making it so the price of items will range and can change day to day, so that some items will go on sale in the stores (and have a reduced price approximately 10-40% cheaper than the normal lowest range) and so the rarity of the item determines how many of them will restock in the shop everyday. I'm not sure if this is going to be done before or after the horse purchase script, but I am planning on doing this before letting anyone else on.

In addition to all of this, I have made a gelding option that should now show up on the bottom of stallion pages. It costs only $500 to geld. I'm not going to allow this to be reversed because I'll be removing the gender change option in V2 and geldings will get a showing and training boost over mares and stallions.

Something else I'm thinking of working on soon is the account import script. I'll be making it so you guys can pull all of your information from this version and port it into V2 so when testing is finished, you can reclaim your account number, credits, money, barns, stalls, professional evals, player points and items (if you have any immortal horses, you'll get an immortality potion in your inventory for each immortal horse).

I'll let you guys know if anything else gets done (I've been trying to get at least 2 things done a day) and once everything is working for me, I'll finish the script for you guys to apply for staff positions so staff can jump on and play around.

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V2 Progress: Estates and Barns

Posted on 01-30-18 3:31

I put the horse store script on pause because I realized I needed BARNS first! Derp on my part, yes.

BUT I have succeeded in making it so we can buy acreage for our estates and so the barns and facilities all take up a pre-specified amount of space (calculated in square feet, ft2, around V2).
Additionally, we can buy barns in 3 colors (red, burgundy and green, colors already available in Pony's database) and in three sizes: Small (holds 5 horses), Medium (holds 10 horses) and Large (holds 20 horses). When you get to your estate, you can expand these barns by 1 stall for $500 each time and it adds 12ft2 to the barn's size occupancy for each stall added.

On your stable page, to help everyone keep track of how much space their estate has available, there is a counter that does live updates of how much space your stable has available and where all that space is going (whether to your barns or to your training facilities). If you get to a point where you do not have enough space available for the barn/training upgrade or facility purchase, it will give you a warning, telling you to expand your estate before the contractor can install the upgrade or building.

Currently, I'm still working on the training facility completion; they will have 4 sizes (Small, Medium, Large, Professional) and currently, you can only upgrade to the next size through purchasing the smallest available facility (I may change it so you can buy up to the large straight out like with the barns). Professional sized facilities will be a Ruby Exchange item; it will have enough room to train 45 horses at once (once I get them working as I want) and will come with the estate land you'll need (Which might only be an acre or two, depending on the facility). You will NOT be able to upgrade a Large facility into a Professional size so they'll only be available from Ruby purchases.

I have also changed the Grand Prix facility into a Deluxe Facility; it still can train ANY sport, but the costs are much higher for it to be built and it takes up the most amount of space of all the facilities (because it needs to have enough room for all sport events). I am considering making it so Deluxe facilities can hold double horses of the standard facilities, but that might be a little high (Standard sizes are 5 horses for small, 15 for medium, 30 for large, 45 for professional); I'll think a little more on this and see what would be fair. It might end up being 25% - 50% more horse space than the standard facilities, rounded to the nearest whole horse, of course (That would be 6, 19, 38 and 56 horses on the low end and 8, 30, 45, 68 horses on the high end, for those curious). If you have a preference on what might be a good balance between Deluxe facilities and standard facilities, please feel free to offer your thoughts here!

I'm going to continue working on the training facilities to make sure I can get them to work properly! Once they're completed and functional, I'll be sure to let you guys know! After that, I should be able to move onto finishing the store script and see how purchasing horses goes. Once that is finished, I'll get on the showing script.

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V2 Progress: Games and Banking

Posted on 01-28-18 1:12

I've been trying to get things rolling with V2 and I've updated the code for the Chance and Coffee house so far. I don't have the Carrot item to work on rewriting the Higher or Lower just yet.

I also have the bank working, taking deposits and withdrawls and the interest; its currently set to come every day, but I'm thinking of either lowering the percentage given on daily interest or extending it to a weekly interest with a higher percentage. Let me know which you guys think would be better and I'll set it to that.

I'm currently trying to get the credit exchange working and then I'll be working on the store script (which needs a bit of work because of the color generator) and the show script after I'm able to create horses properly (without images).

If you guys have any ideas for features that haven't been posted on the forums, please do post on these progress news posts! I'll definitely try incorporating the features that can work well for Pony and we can talk on the ideas that might need some work.

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Staff Applications Soon to Come!

Posted on 01-05-18 9:55

I've been trying to make as much progress with V2 as possible and I'm starting to get comfortable with the idea of opening staff position applications.

In order to do this as efficiently as possible, I'll design a script to let you guys save your applications. I'll try to have it so you can send in an application for each position, save, edit and update the info before submitting a final version to be reviewed.

If your application is accepted, I'll either have an automatic alert sent to your account or I'll message you directly.

And, for those curious: YES! You are welcome to apply for multiple positions and you CAN be approved for multiple at the same time! Your title will be the highest ranking position you're approved of (so if you request a position as a mod, researcher and newbie helper and are approved for all three, you will be classed as a mod, but have access to the researcher and newbie help stations).

Those of you who were already approved for a position as researcher will be given that position automatically if you message me saying you still want the job. I'll be designing a script for you to pick a breed and input the possible color options for the breed and the percentage of occurrence if you're able to find it.

Once I have a bit more of V2 completed, able to make shows and horses (There's only going to be a few breeds available at a time), approved staff will be able to start testing and going through a training phase. I'm going to try making the rules as clear as possible for the mods to be able to understand what is and is not allowed. I'll be giving newbie helpers a run of example submissions to respond to and help them learn how to be as efficient in their assistance as possible.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me or comment on this news post.

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Open Breed Sales!

Posted on 01-01-18 3:34

With such a limited number of horses available in comparison to how many breeds Pony has in the database, I opened ALL of the breeds (except exotic animals like Zebra, Donkeys and Llamas) to the breeder shop!

I also cleared the database of the duplicate breeds.

American Creams and American Cream Draft breeds are combined under American Cream Draft

Connemara and Connemara Pony breeds are combined under Connemara.

There were two different copies of Saddlebred with literally no difference aside from the database logging number so I deleted one. I don't know if there will be any negative effects, so if you own a Saddlebred that is suddenly not showing its breed properly, let me know.

The Open Breed access has made it to the Rare Breeds Dealer as well!

In addition, the price for RBD horses has dropped DRASTICALLY! It now only costs 15k instead of 50k to buy a rare breed!

Zebras, Llamas, Donkey and Mules are availabe in the RBD store as well. Just know that they might not migrate to V2 (because they are still up for debate on deletion).

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Lots of Updates [Added Some Forgotten Info]

Posted on 12-30-17 1:45

Sorry for being so quiet recently, holidays kinda took over for a time.

I'm working on finishing the color generating script for V2 (had a few hiccups with it, but found a solution). Once that is done, writing up the store script and breeding script will be on my to-do list.

In addition to that, I had a big idea for V2: Supply Crates. Loot crates, reward boxes, how ever you'd like to call them. I want to add these as items you can find, buy and earn in V2. What I was thinking is we have 4 different quality levels: Cheap, Standard, Expensive and Gold. In addition to the quality, they can be a general supply crate or a specific supply crate (discipline based equipment or job specific equipment). Each has 6 items inside that vary in rarity and quality and are based on your player level. All of the crates can be bought with PB (but their appearance in stores will be based on the crate quality, gold will be very rare), they all can be found in the explore and the Expensive and Gold crates can be bought with HS (which is another thing I need to mention).
- Cheap crates will have 4 common items, 1 uncommon item and 1 unique or rare item.
- Standard crates will have 2 common items, 2 uncommon items, 1 unique item and 1 rare item.
- Expensive crates will have up to 1 common item, up to 3 uncommon items, up to 3 unique items and 2 rare items (it will always have 6 items total)
- Gold crates will have 3 unique and 3 rare items.
I thought these would make nice rewards for finishing quests, leveling your characters and horses and for generally being active on Pony. Let me know if you like this or have any ideas to modify it!

Now, back to the Horseshoes... Something I realized as I was batting ideas back and forth with hubby is that the name for our donation credits is going to cause problems in V2. Because with professions being added, as well as items based around the professions, farriers will have actual horseshoes. That are to be equipped onto your horses. I can easily see a farrier account trying to sell the ITEM 'horseshoes' at a good price ("I have $35 PB horseshoes to sell! PM Me!" as an ad crossed my mind...) and someone mistakes them as the credit currency for HS. So I started thinking that it might be time to move away from Horseshoes as a currency and to something different to prevent the oncoming confusion. I had thought about using 'Ruby/Rubies' because we already have an icon for it and it would be very easy to swap it out, but wanted to see if you guys had any suggestions or ideas as to what we can call our credit system.

Another thing I wanted opinions on is the stores. Should we keep a limit on how many horses a player can buy in place (even though it isn't active right now) or should everyone have free run of the store? With having the Dealer in place, I'm not really worried about overpopulation (though he does need a work up to prevent parent horses from being deleted) but I thought I'd ask you guys. There's pros and cons to both ideas but let's hear what you guys think instead.

Last note, I think... Retiring, Death and the Dealer. One small problem I noticed when we rolled back horse stats a while ago (not sure how many of you are still around from that) is that horses with foals can still be deleted. It wasn't really a problem until we needed to do a stat roll. Some horses didn't have one or both parents to draw stats from. While I hope we never have to do that again, to be prepared for such an event, when parent horses are sent to the dealer, I'm going to have him mention that the horse has xyz number of foals and that the horse is being sent to his retirement home to live out its days. With that, I don't want the servers to get over loaded with a lot of extra information on dead and retired horses. If it were up to you, what details would you feel are most important for a retired/dead horse? Basics are a given (name, ID, breed, gender, foals) but what can be kept and what can be scrapped? Let me know what you think would be a good set of info to keep.

I forgot to mention: A 2017 Holiday Item Bundle
Since there wasn't a lot of activity recently and I've been distracted with V2, I'm going to make a singular V1 Supply Crate with an item for every holiday this year. All further holidays will wait until V2 and every active account on V1 will receive a supply crate with the holiday items

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V2 Horse Importing: Any Owned Horse or ONLY Live Horses?

Posted on 12-15-17 9:39

So I got to thinking of V2's importing mechanic, how to put it together effectively to do what I need the first time (so we can get V2 rolling soon if possible) and I realized I might not have ANY horses by time V2 is ready... and many of you might not as well...

Would you guys like to be able to import a deceased horse that exists on your account into V2? There won't be any other stipulations aside from it needing to exist on your account.
And, to clarify, this does not include retired horses (that are manually removed from showing and care) or horses sold to the dealer (because those are deleted from the game).

If dead horses are allowed to be revived in V2, they will be starting from scratch like the currently live horses, being switched to foundation lines and having their stats rounded to meet the boosted starters you could also choose to get.

Let me know what you guys would prefer and I can work that into the code

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Sorry Guys!! D;

Posted on 12-02-17 8:11

So... I forgot to check my account for the domain. Katie told me when it was due to expire, but it totally slipped my mind. I'm moving it to the same site where we're being hosted so this won't happen again ;o; To apologize, I'm sending everyone a horseshoe and winding back ages a full year tomorrow to cancel out the roll over for today and the past 3 days. If you lost any horses in that time, I'll resurrect them for you.
Ages were rolled back and horseshoes sent! If you lost any horses in the last 4 days, I'll revive them for you!

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V2 Training Mechanics

Posted on 11-26-17 9:00

In V2, the training of horses will be drastically different. I believe I mentioned it briefly in a forum thread somewhere... I'll link it if I find it...

One major change is horses will now need halter trained and trained in ground work before being classed as broken in. Each of these will be done similarly to how training is done now:

Currently, it takes 500 points of training for a horse to be completely trained in a sport. I think I have it set so you can gain 0-15 points (I might be wrong, its been a while since I looked at that script...) per session so up to 45 points per day. This will carry over into V2's new training scripts.

Halter training will take the same 500 points, but I'm figuring it will be set to 10 - 50 points per session, depending on the horse's personality. Difficult ones and excitable ones will roll lower numbers than their calmer counterparts.

Groundwork training will take 1000 points and the point payout will drop a bit to 5 - 35 points per session, still depending on the horse.

Sport training is going to jump to 5000 points, but to compensate, the training payout is boosted to 25 - 75 points. A difficult or excitable horse will also have the chance of acting out, losing their chance at a boost because they disrupted their training too much!

But, before you toss out high difficulty and excitable horses, know that if its apart of your horse's BREED to be that way, you'll suffer in conformation shows! All judges will know breed standards and if your hot blooded horse is too cool, they'll deduct points. There's also going to be a preference for judges (since there's going to be NPC judges) who LOVE that hot Arabian or Thoroughbred and will give you bonus points if you have the right type of wild in the breed your exhibiting. The trick is you won't know which judge has what preference until you've shown with them all and even then, it won't be an exact range of where your horse falls.

And, in addition to these, training will now have an effect on a horse's trust in you as their rider/trainer. You'll have a 1 in 3 chance of gaining trust stats when you train in any manner. Trust cancels out one point each of difficulty and excitability to make a horse easier to maintain.

Now, I know what you're thinking; "Shino, all these changes are going to make it impossible to finish training a horse!"
No, no. Hold yer horses! (See what I did there?) You are forgetting about the PROFESSIONS that will be added! Trainers will have a boost in how many points they can earn in each session! And Breeders will have a boost on how quickly they can halter train! I'm thinking an additional 10-20% for being a trainer with the same for halter training as a breeder. And, to make these professions a little nicer, they will have a boost on how often they can gain trust stats, bumping from a 1 in 3 to a 50/50 chance!

And before you ask, yes, the other professions will have boosts in certain areas that they'll excel in. I'll give a run down on other things and more fleshed out profession info for each job branch (you'll understand what I mean by that when I get to explaining). I'll try to have one branch of the professions tree posted entirely within the week.

I forgot to mention that I was planning on making it so foals can't start training for a sport until they're 2y6m because in real life, training a baby too early causes damage to their still-developing bodies. But, in that time, you'd still be able to do conditioning training (to improve conformation a touch) and basic training runs (to boost stats) with them. And, with all these changes, I'm also going to drop the breeding age to that same point because horses are actually sexually mature at 2 and a half. Copied from the news comment I made!

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Artificial Insemination, Surrogates, Live Breeding

Posted on 11-16-17 3:46

So, since it's obviously been a while since I posted an idea, here's something I had been thinking of for the breeding revamp in V2:

Live Covers, where you bring the mare and stallion together for old-fashioned breeding, will now have stipulations. The health of both horses must be over 85% for the breeding to take place and if the mare is at less than 60% health, the breeding might not hold. I was also batting around the idea of making it so personality quirks (the difficulty and excitability) can make it so the breeding is unsuccessful. If either horse is sick with something contagious (not sure if I mentioned I've been thinking of adding injuries and diseases...), they have a chance of passing it to their mating partner. And, if either horse starts to fight the other, injuries can result.

Artificial Insemination will be a feature added to the vet. It will make it so you can draw semen straws from your stallions to save in a cryogenic freezer you will need to buy (with game money, but you can buy extras and more space with HS). Those semen straws can be kept, sold or used at the vet page. I'm thinking of adding a "expedited shipping" cost for transferring to different accounts; if this is added, it will be possible to choose who pays this fee, the person sending or the person receiving the straw. If the person sending is going to pay, they must have the fee on-hand to send it, but if the person receiving is to pay, they can't collect unless they have the fee on hand. This particular one might cause problems with "they won't pay it," but I'm hoping common sense and communicating will keep things in order.

In addition to the semen straws, you will be able to collect egg samples from mares to store in your cryo freezer. With the egg samples, you might get lucky and get a double or triple sample and you can keep or incinerate the extra eggs. With those egg samples, you can breed your mare when she is not in heat (which will happen every 3 days if I add a heat cycle), fertilize the egg with a semen straw to store in the cryo freezer for later and you can also inseminate the egg (fertilized or not) into another mare of a similar size (can't have ponies giving birth to draft foals). And, since its still 100% possible to have fraternal twins through the egg splitting, you still have a chance at getting twins or chimera foals!

With surrogates, your surrogate mare must be within 3HH of your lowest sire and dam breed height average (so a 15HH Frieisan with a 14HH Andalusian means surrogate has to be at least 11HH). This is because a small animal carrying a larger baby will often have very bad results. And, due to unique circumstances of the foal's birth, both of the mothers (surrogate and genetic) will have notes of the foal being genetic match and a surrogate foal.

To help players keep tabs on what their horses have been doing in the breeding room, each page will have the following info :
Stallions will have a count of live covers, total number of straws collected, number of straws used, total foals over his lifetime and how many foals are active (So retired foals won't necessarily count against him with over-breeding issues).
Mares will have a count of live covers, artificial insemination (for both fertilized and unfertilized eggs), surrogates preformed, total number of foals and active foal count

I hope this sounds like a good idea for you guys because I really like the idea of it. And if you have any additional suggestions to improve or alter this in any way, feel free to post!

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V2 Merge Logs!

Posted on 10-01-17 8:51

There's a kind old man who is now giving details on what you will have transferring into V2! He's pretty handy with numbers (even though he's using a really old adding machine that is probably older than him...). He can be found in Town in the Merging Logs building!

He tells you the amount of money you'll get in V2 based on your total account funds (so this will fluctuate as you earn and spend), the amount of horseshoes you have (which transfer at a 1:1 rate) and will even tell you how many horse tokens you'll have in V2 (once I've added those in). I'll let you guys know when I succeed in making the horse tokens transfer a V1 horse AND create a new one with the specified color and sport bonuses.

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Credit Sale!

Posted on 10-01-17 1:57

My birthday is next Sunday (October 8th) so I thought we'd celebrate with a credit sale!

Until October 9th, you can get a 50% bonus on your credit purchases!

I am also working on coding the account merging and horse tokens (Going to test with my own horses and a dummy account to make sure we can merge the horses, credits and money over correctly). If they work as I intend, I'll make it so horse tokens can be purchased here for HS and PB (possibly even PP). They won't have a use until V2, but I'll put a note of how many tokens you have somewhere. I might even put together a V2 Merge analysis page that tells you how many HS, tokens and money you'll have transfer into V2.

And I have been typing up a full list of V2 idea posts that I'll start posting once I'm done with my full list of major plans. After the major details are explained, I'll go into further detail on minor things that might need further explaining. After I finish posting all of the info on V2, I'll make an index news or forum post with a link to all of the main parts and sections with related information.

I'm also reworking the login and registration scripts on V2 to streamline the rider set up and to help with bot prevention.

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