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Sorry for Lack of Updates

Posted on 09-27-18 4:17

Aela is going through a clingy row (I think she's starting to teethe). I can't set her down for longer than 5 minutes some days, I can't set her down at all on others ;w; (And I don't like the 'cry it out' thing some people advocate)

During this time, I've been practicing my drawing style, using ARPG to get some doodles in to vary my subjects and scenes (because I can only come up with but so many different 'new' things to practice on my own).

While I'm style building, I'll be doing some new drawing and painting techniques to see what feels right and easier to get a flow of work done to see what I might bring to Pony's art (I've considered redrawing the Chincoteague more than once and have also begun second guessing the AmCream >.>; So those might get revamped if I remain dissatisfied.)

If you guys have any questions or need anything, feel free to post here, PM me or post a notice on Pony's discord channel (I've moved back to the computer that has that installed ;w;)

Discord Link!

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Florence Has Passed

Posted on 09-17-18 12:21

So for my end, Florence turned out to be a thunderstorm having a temper tantrum >.>;; We did lose power one night, but I think that's because people in VA can't drive in anything more extreme than a drizzle and I think someone hit a powerline down the hill from my house....

I do know that the Carolinas were hit way worse and I hope anyone there is safe and well.

I am considering making a unique Pony item to gather donations for the rescue and relief efforts but can't think of anything horse related. Perhaps a life preserver ring; its not horse related, but could be a toy? Then, in V2, the horses/ponies can be holding it in various ways... For uses, perhaps it can add 1 year to your horse's death age? So if your horse is supposed to die at 20, it won't die until its 21 (But if you take it off after your horse hits 20, he'd die). It would be $3 each (you'll also get double rubies for each you buy) and proceeds will be sent to the Red Cross or any charity assisting with Florentine's destruction. Let me know what you guys think of this idea and I'll sketch out the preserver.

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I Screwed Up the Cleaning... Also Weather Warning!

Posted on 09-08-18 10:13

I mistakenly deleted some player barns and arenas while cleaning up the database. It was because I automated the script to delete them but I clearly did it incorrectly.

If you lost your stuff, post here with how many barns and stalls, horses and arenas you had. I will add the barns and arenas back and reimburse for the horses.

There is a hurricane that will be hitting Virginia later in the week (Tuesday or Wednesday, I was told)

So if I disappear for a while, I've lost power! D: I'll be able to keep you guys posted over my phone until that runs out of data, but I'd like to hope IF the power goes out, it wouldn't be out for very long (but with Katrina, we lost power for a whole week :/ I'm not holding my breath...)

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V2 Feature Votes

Posted on 09-07-18 3:56

I have a few features that I had thought of that I had meant to ask you guys' opinions on as well as suggestions for features. I'll list them all here an you guys can vote on which ideas you like or what stipulations or changes you'd prefer!

Gestation Period Increase + Instant Birth Item
V1 currently has a 1-day (or less) gestation with foals being born at roll over. So you could literally breed 30 seconds before rollover and get a foal at 12 EST/Pony time. This was my own doing, but someone suggested extending it a bit. I thought of extending it to last 11 months Pony time (realistic equine gestation). That would be about 6 days IRL; to counter the extended timer, there will be a item to instantly foal your mare.

Catching Horses
V1 has a feature to catch horses and I can easily rework it for V2. I had a thought that would make this fun: Set up a travel location where you guys can visit places all over the world to catch horses that are feral. The adults will have high excitability and difficulty, but the foals will be random; all ages and colors will be random as well. None will be trained tho, so you would need to work them from the ground up.

Working Up Foals
Another thought I had was working with foals' training sessions to improve them. Conditioning would have a chance to raise their conformation stats (not by much, but it can improve them slightly), Temperament training can improve their difficulty and excitability. Stat training will (obviously) improve their stats directly. ALL will improve their stats and trust slightly, but stat training will give the largest improvement.

No Stat Limits
I currently have it set so horse breeds are added into the database with a max number of stats (both conformation and sport) and its a high number (over 300k total), but I have thought more than once about removing the limits on how many stats your horses can gain. This would mean that eventually, we'll need to add higher show tiers to better sort the horses (I have an idea on how to do this) but I could easily do that before testing ends if you guys would prefer.

Rider Influence
There was a suggestion to have it so riders could possibly influence the show scores (by either adding a penalty or adding a bonus). Shows are already going to have a chance at a judge bias (only for objective shows) and horses acting out (from difficulty or excitability). This would be based on your rider level; a lower level would have a slightly higher chance at a penalty while a higher level will have a slightly higher chance at a bonus. This won't always happen (just like you won't always win a judges favor in an objective show and your horse won't always act out.); each of the chance events (Judge, rider and horse event) will be on a random number generator and if they hit the cue number, the result will also be on a random number generator to determine if its good or bad as well as the points added or deducted. You will never lose more than 3 points per show level (higher level shows can lose more) but you can gain up to 5 points per level (higher levels gain more).

Let me know what you guys think of these ideas. I'm working on fixing up the aging script and the user interface (staff areas, barns, stables, breeding area, etc) before I get to the training, showing and breeding scripts. After that is done and working for me, I'll start bringing in you guys in groups of 5.

Additional Ideas!

Eidolon had a few great suggestions:

Rider Courses
Instead of rider skills being lumped under one level, we can separate the rider levels by sport (Basic Horsemanship, Dressage, Show Jumping, Gymkhana, etc) and each one will have its own tracker. Players will be able to train one area specifically to advance further in that sport and boost the odds of them succeeding in shows. This would be where the rider influence would take the more realistic effect into play; I (never having learned to race) would have a hard time riding a racing thoroughbred, but someone else (let's say Jen), who has studied how to race horses would do considerably better. I would have a much higher chance of messing up (and earning a point deduction) than Jen because she's more experienced.

Equine Psychology Course at the University Eidolon had the brilliant idea of making a course at the university for Equine Psychology to become a horse whisperer! If this course is added, we can make it so Horse Whisperers can catch wild horses with lower difficulty and excitability rolls than if they were caught by a non-whispering rider! Additionally, I think it would be a great idea to add in a boosted catch rate for Horse Whisperers for wild horses (since there's a chance at failing the catch or using the wrong equipment).
These ideas also gave me another idea that I hadn't thought of:

Scholarships and Accelerated Courses!
With a scholarship, you can pay for a portion of your classes! I'm thinking we can have a $5k, $10k, and $20k scholarship item that will reduce the amount of your courses by that much! These would be free, you just need to be lucky and find or earn one! The easiest way would be to apply for the lottery to earn one at the University (but it would be random and only one of each will be given every once in a while). Additionally, a Ruby Exchange item of a "Full Ride" scholarship would be available! It will cover the entire costs of any BASIC course you wish to take!

The accelerated courses will be shorter (45 and 30 minutes instead of 1 hour and 45 minutes) but will cost around 20-30% more to attend and you would have a certain amount of time to finish them by (I'm thinking around a month or two irl). If you have a scholarship, you CAN use it on this but they will not cover the additional 20-30% fee for the accelerated pace of the course. This means, even if you have a full ride option, you'll need to pay the remaining 20-30%.

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Cleared Remaining Inactive Accounts!

Posted on 09-05-18 11:54

I'm not sure how many of you recall me deleting inactive accounts with no email for me to send them a notice of Pony (with intent to delete the remaining inactives after giving the owners time to login), but I went and deleted the remaining inactive accounts that haven't been on since January 1st of 2017.

That left us with a grand total of 538 accounts. Accounts > 500 that are available will be sold as forever upgrades.

I need to put together a script that can delete the horses, barns, arenas and items that were owned by these accounts (by finding the missing accounts and removing the things owned by that id).

This is all in preparation for V2 testing; since we're planning on trying to push the server to the limit, I wanted to clear out the unnecessary data.

I'll let you guys know when I'm done with that.

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American Cream Draft Art!

Posted on 09-03-18 2:08

I've finished the AmCream today! :D

I'll be working on the breton draft inbetween working on updating scripts ^-^

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Closing Registration to V1 & Account Numbers

Posted on 09-02-18 7:08

Since I'm going to be handing out individual invites to V2, I'm going to close the registration on V1 so only currently active players can get them.

Registration will stay closed until V2 testing is ready for V1 to close for good.

If you have any friends that were considering joining Pony, please inform them of the sign up closing out on WEDNESDAY so they can join before then.

And, for clarification, when all active players are on V2's testing, V1 will be closed down. I will give you guys the ability to access the site still (if you want to continue caring for your horses) if enough of you wish, but otherwise, there will not be a way to get on V1 from outside of the link I provide. This is mostly so I don't need to maintain two versions of Pony; V2 getting completed is priority #1 once testing is able to start ;3

Additionally, since Pony's playerbase is considerably smaller than what the account numbers are saying, I'll be making the sign up for V2's public version give you the lowest available account number that is over #500 unless you purchase a specific number you desire. If you purchase a number, that will be the default number you gain when you make your official V2 account (because all V2 testing accounts will be deleted when testing closes out)

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me or post here and I'll answer asap ^-^

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Back Tracking On V2...

Posted on 08-28-18 9:41

So I didn't want to have to do this, but I really should and I need to do it now before I get too far ahead of myself in Pony.

I'm going to need to back track to re-code some of the features I've already re-coded to beef up security and optimizations. I'll be redoing some things that will help make Pony faster and smoother for you guys to play and will help prevent bugs from puking all over the place.

Revamping these completed scripts shouldn't be too hard, but it's going to take some time to do it and do it right (but it'd be better off in the end since I wouldn't need to re-recode Pony in the future to do this then ;w; Yay?)

I'll keep you guys posted on how much of the finished site I've re-updated with the better codes when I resume recoding new things.

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V2 Progress: Layout Is Coming Together! Minor Adjustments and Bug Fixes!

Posted on 08-05-18 12:32

I've almost finished the layout for V2! I need to make it 100% responsive based on the device its being viewed on (for my poor mobile users! D: I'm sorry V1's layout sucks for mobile!) and is still clear to use! After that, we're good to go!

I've also made some minor adjustments on V2's first few pages: The news page has its pagination added as well as the comments page! So now, if there's more than 20 news posts or news comments, buttons to visit the next page of content will pop up!

I've also been adding in better icons and alternative titles to streamline everything and make the site a lot more accessible (V1 is really terrible with accessibility over all)

I also wanted to see what you guys thought about the judges getting a bias against something? If you don't know, V2 is going to have judges that determine the tide of a show's results. If they have a bias towards a sport or breed, they'll score horses in that sport or of that breed higher in shows (all shows; so even if its a conformation show, if they're partial to Show Jumping horses, they'll give those horses a little point bonus). But I wanted to see how you guys felt about the judges having a bias against that would dock a few points from the horse's score.

For example: I have a Friesian and Chincoteague trained in Dressage. My judge just LOVES dressage (that's why I entered the show) and they typically add +2 - 6 points to the score sheets, but I find out too late that they hate Friesians for what ever reason (probably the lack of color diversity...) so my score bonus is going to be negated to some degree because the horse is Friesian, but the Chincoteague will have a full bonus.

The bonus or deduction isn't going to be extreme (not more than 10 points in either direction), but it can easily be the difference in a not-so-good horse getting a your ribbons if they hit a breed or sport bonus and yours hits a penalty.

I also will be adjusting the horse database to include their sport stats having the hidden genetics so we can test that out when we get rolling ;3 Which brings me to my last announcement:

Staff Round up time!!

I'm going to be fixing and adjusting only a handful more things for V2 (something I hope to have done within the next week or two) before bringing the mods and mentors over to train for V2! If you're listed below, you're a staff member and you'll need to message me to let me know you're active (so you don't get passed with training!) and I'll make sure to send you an invite to sign up with once things are ready!
Jen (#11351) Checked in!
Cosiel (#11399) (Also a Mentor) Checked in!
Purpleponies (#11337) (Also a Mentor) Checked in!
Cora (#11269) Checked in!
SODA (#1528) (Away)
Kaos (#9833) Checked in!

Nightowl (#11613)
PintoBay (#11814) Checked in!
Lakia (#11791) Checked in!

If you don't message me, you are NOT losing your job as a staff member, but you'll be put on reserve! This just means you won't get on V2 before the rest of the site and you'll be training after regular players are already running around.

There are still 2 Mentor/Newbie Helper positions available!

If you want to help others and would like to join the staff team, please visit the Staff Application Center to fill out an application! Any additional Mod applications will be put on reserve for the future when we're in need of more mods, but we're still looking for 2 or more Mentors (because of the system I'm putting in place)!

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V2 Ideas: Holiday Events! Leave Your Ideas!

Posted on 08-03-18 4:19

Something I always loved about sim games was the fun events around holidays. Some of them were very fun, interactive events that the whole site could participate in and others were cute little rewards for active players to cash in on!

But Pony has to do something great. With having a huge town of NPCs you guys can interact with, I was thinking of making our holiday events much more interactive than the average sim. I have several ideas already in mind myself (that I'm going to keep a secret for surprise reasons ;D) but I want to hear what ideas YOU have for fun holiday events! Here are some holiday or seasonal events we should plan around (starting from January 1st):

= New Year's Day - January 1st
= Valentine's Day - February 14th
  • Shino's Surprise Event!

  • = Pony-versary - February 16th
  • Laika's Pony Round-up! Get special anniversary items!

  • = St Patrick's Day - March 17th
    = Spring Equinox - March 20th (In lieu of Easter)
  • New Life Olympic Trials Event!

  • = April Fools - April 1st
  • Cina's Color Mashups! Rainbow horse colors!
  • = Earth Day - April 22nd
    = Mother's Day - May
  • Shino's Surprise Event!

  • = Cinco De Mayo - May 5th
  • Cina's Margarita Party! (non-alcoholic Margaritas will be provided to minors xD)

  • = Father's Day - June
  • Shino's Surprise Event!

  • = Summer Solstice - June 21th
  • Midsummer Olympic Trials Event!

  • = Independence Day - July 4th
    = Autumnal Equinox - September 22nd
  • First Harvest Olympic Trials Event!

  • = Halloween - October 31st
  • Shino's Surprise Event!

  • = Thanksgiving - November
    = Winter Solstice - December 21st (In lieu of Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc)
  • Midwinter Olympic Trials Event!

  • Now, I'm sure with this list, you've noticed I've pulled all the religion based holidays. This is because Pony's player base is so diverse, I would have a hard time putting together specific events for EVERYONE. So, for Pony's town, all holidays are just general events with no ties. You can suggest traits from specific holidays, but we're going to keep things generic otherwise ;3

    If you have any suggestions for events, please feel free to post them as a forum thread (so you can include details) and I'll add them to the list!

    If you would like for your suggestion to be a SURPRISE!, please feel free to PM me the idea! I'll add it as a surprise suggestion by you!

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    V1 Show Scheduler!

    Posted on 08-01-18 10:27

    I just finished making a show scheduler for you guys to use here! It makes shows in bulk (up to your max amount of shows per day) and recreates them daily for up to 1 month! The only requirement is paying for ALL of the shows up front (and you can't delete them) and you need an upgrade to use it!


    Please let me know if you have any issue with using it (cost discrepancies or player point payout issues) and I'll get it fixed asap ;3

    I also wanted to remind you that this will be a purchased or profession-earned perk on V2! Judges on V2 will be able to access the scheduler (it'll be a person in V2) for a small fee added to the base cost of the shows made.

    If you purchase the scheduler on V2, there won't be an additional fee but it's going to cost Rubies to permanently enslave hire the Scheduler NPC.

    Let me know if you have any questions! :D

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    V2 Ideas: Conformation- Stats or Grades?

    Posted on 07-29-18 6:22

    I've been thinking about how we should do conformation in V2. My current idea might need scrapped and reworked into something more efficient.

    Right now, we have stats that are affected by hidden genetics that can raise or lower the stat by +2 or -2 respectively. This would make it so inbreeding your horses can have random results (like in real life). But I'm starting to think this system might not work very well in V2. Since you only see a number, there's not really a way to determine if your horse's conformation is good or bad (aside from the number being very high or very low).

    I was considering changing it so the number is a grade instead. Poor, fair, good, excellent and ideal.

    Poor would be for a high number of fault genes (gg) and a low stat number (which would be made worse automatically by the genes)

    Fair would be for a high number of faults OR a low stat number (which would leave room for improvement)

    Good would be for an average number of faults and/or an average* stat number

    Excellent would be for a low number of faults and a high stat number

    Ideal would be for flawless genes (ALL hidden genes are GG), regardless of stat numbers (because their genes can only improve the stat from the base number).

    So would you guys prefer the stat numbers to stay or would you prefer a grade?

    Alternatively, we can have both. You start with just the stat number and you can send your horse to an evaluation training session (an hour long session) that determines the horse's grade? After getting evaluated in that area, your horse's grade is listed with the stat number beside it like this:

    Head - Poor (32)

    *I wanted to mention that the "average" would be determined by your horse's breed(s) and your horse's generation count; so a foundation won't have the same standards as a 12-generation horse! This is to keep the game FAIR for newbies who will have a lot of foundation horses that wouldn't have as nice a set of conformation stats as the senior members that have been playing a lot longer and have better horses by default.

    Let me know what you guys think would be best? I'm going to try getting back into coding for V2 soon (since Aela and Mikey are adapting so well) and wanted to get this adjusted now before I get too deep into things to fix it easily ;w;

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    V2 Ideas: Custom Horses and Rider Revamp?

    Posted on 07-23-18 8:58

    So I had been doing a lot of thinking on things I can do for Pony to make things better. Something that crossed my mind was a revamp of the custom horse (and rider, but that's not done yet and hasn't had the chance to need revamping...) in a very specific manner.

    With the custom horses, I've already chosen to make it so in V2, you will choose the genotype for your horses (EE, A+a, RbRb, etc) and the game will produce the color name from the genes you selected. Additionally, horses will randomly be given a set of sport stats, conformation stats and personality stats.

    What if you were able to select which stats your horse got a boost in?

    For example: I want a Chincoteague Pony that focuses in Gymkhana. I can select for a custom sport-bred horse/foal that meets my color desire.

    Or, I want a conformationally correct Friesian. I can select a custom that was "bred from" more conformationally accurate lines.

    And finally, if I want a more manageable American Cream Draft, I can buy a custom from "pleasure riding" lines to give it a more docile and accepting personality.

    This can give players a great start to a more complicated breeding system (its been changed drastically) in exchange for a slightly more expensive custom. Each breeding trait is going to add +1 Ruby to the cost of your horse (even on Horse Token purchases; so if you use a Token and add a trait, you'll need to pay 1 Ruby for the horse). The catch is, when you select one, you loose some default quality in one of the other two areas.

    A horse bred for sport isn't going to have the best conformation. A horse bred for conformation isn't going to have the best temperament. And a horse bred for temperament isn't going to be so hot in sports.

    And the same thing would also apply to mutations that will be added in V2. Non-inheritable mutations (these won't pass on to foals) will be +2 Rubies while inheritable mutations will be +5 Rubies (since they have a chance to pass to foals)

    Does that sound like a fair trade off?

    And for player riders, I realized spending xyz amount of real money for a custom rider image with no benefits is kinda a bummer. As a player, I wouldn't do it on a sim so I don't expect you guys to either. So, by default, custom riders will have +2% exp across the board (training, competing, breeding, etc). And then, on top of that, you can buy profession boosts that improve your profession-specific experience gains +2% on top of the +2% default (4% total) and this will stack on-top of any earned skill boosts! So if you cap out your rider in Training profession and have a +6% boost for training exp, you'll actually get +10% on your training exp! Doesn't that sound great?

    Let me know how you guys feel about this! I'll be trying to get somethings for Pony done soon (probably more art; I wanted to try something for the horse images...)

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    V2 Progress: Fancy New Banner!! [Edit: And Horse Token art!]

    Posted on 07-12-18 9:06

    I had been waiting for a while for an artist on, Elvenue, to open their commissions and they finally did just before Aela was born! I snatched up a slot for them to do a banner for Pony and it looks FANTASTIC!!

    After I get some more points, I'll be returning to Elvenue to get a few more banners (because I'm a terrible art hoarder and love her style lol) so Pony has a lot of gorgeous banners to pick from for various seasons!

    Also, if there's another artist that has a great style that you'd love to see banner art from, post their link(s) and I'll try to get some banners from them as well (if they're willing to make them, that is...); I have another artist that I'm looking to get something from as well (because Pony deserves a heaping helping of gorgeous art lol)

    Edit: Finished some item art for Horse Tokens!

    I was doing some art while Aela was napping :D I'll be adding the horse tokens to the database on V2 to try getting them to work properly at some point (they'll still be importing a V1 horse or give you the ability to create a custom horse!)

    I'll be trying to get some other art done intermittently as I'm able to.

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    Aela is Here (and has been for a while... o-o;; )

    Posted on 07-03-18 10:58

    On the 27th of June, Aela made her debut to the world! She came home the 29th and I've been rather busy with taming Mikey's enthusiasm about having his own special baby in the house lol

    Things are going very well and Aela is a total breeze (only cries when her lunch is late xD) so I might be able to get back into working on V2 art stuffs over the next few weeks, but I don't plan on going back into coding for a while. I think it would be better and easier for v2's progression to work on finishing all the art currently needed before adding new scripts so the entire game has a face to it.

    If I can get some time in the next week or two, I'll work on the NPC faces.

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    Post Bugs and Major Needs Here!

    Posted on 06-20-18 4:06

    I'm sorry for the lack of updates recently, guys! I'm literally in the last week of pregnancy and exhausted constantly (I didn't wake up until 2:30 today D;) so I haven't been able to get on Pony very much.

    I know there are a few major changes and bugs that are bothering you guys and wanted to get them all listed here for me to fix.

    1) Horse Search isn't working
    -- I'm almost 100% sure this is from me adding the disciplines to the search tool. If you don't select a discipline, nothing shows up. I'll be fiddling with this script to fix that. Fixed this; double check behind me to make sure it works for you!

    2) Horse confiscations
    -- I can't say how long it is for the horses to be confiscated by the shelter (I haven't actually counted the days), but I know this is very annoying for you guys. I'll be adjusting this so it's at least 1 week before your horses are taken and then, you'll have 14 days to reclaim them before someone else can adopt them from the shelter.

    3) Show hosting
    -- I know there's not a lot of you guys playing so it makes very little sense for the shows to cost $100 per show to make. You're losing more money than you'd gain by trying to help your fellow players by making more shows. I'm thinking of dropping the cost to make a show to $5 or $10 (+ prizes) until V2 where the costs to run a show are based on the judge you've hired and how many horses enter.This was changed to $10 for now! I've also upped how many default shows are made a touch ;3

    If ANYTHING else on V1 is bothering you, please post it here! I'll see what can be done to fix the problem!

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    I've spent too much time on this damn sketch....

    Posted on 06-14-18 12:49

    But I think it looks pretty damn fine so far ;w;

    This is a preview of my custom rider that will be in V2. She'll also be doubling as the mayor of the city (I need to think of a name for that place tho) where Pony's events will take place.

    I think I've spent the last 3 and 3/5 hours just working on the sketch... and I'm not done yet. I'm still updating the anatomy on her (because its been SOO LONG since I had to draw humans; and I'm talking legit humans, not anthros which have different anatomy from both animals and humans ;O;) and then I'll be doing the lineart, basing and colors (though it might take a minute for the right skin tones.

    And, no, this isn't how all female riders will look; she's 100% custom and looks like me :D (minus about 35lbs lolol). I wanted to do an example of custom riders, which you guys will be able to purchase, that will have their own build and default expression that only YOU (the buyer) can access! So if you want your rider to have a default bitchface, you got it! xD You will, however, be able to change the features to give a different expression. The eyes, nose, mouth and ears on the riders will be interchangeable with default options for the basic riders, but for the custom riders, you'll be able to change to the basics and your custom nose, eyes, ears and lips.

    And, the hair styles will be interchangeable. ALL models will be bald (with a cute little shine spot) so you can select different styles to suit your mood! Custom riders will come with 2 free custom styles (short and long) of your choosing! The dreadlocks on my rider's sketch now are NOT exclusive; they will be available (as well as a handful of other popular styles for both men and women!) and all hair styles (short and long) that weren't custom ordered will be available on the male, female and androgynous bases for everyone to pick how they want their rider to look!

    I haven't thought on pricing for this just yet, for those curious. I've gotta figure out how long it would take to do the clothes on the custom body before I can get a feel for the time it'd take to redo all of the rider items (which technically don't exist yet |D) and then calculate a fair time:cost ratio for these to be done. I also need to practice my humans more so I can cut down on the sketch time by like 300% because over 4 hours is crazy (even if you're getting a hella accurate body build...) and will already shoot the time:cost ratio through the roof. But once we get some of those things rolling, I'll be able to build an estimate for the costs of a custom rider.

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    Progress Will Be Slow...

    Posted on 06-08-18 8:13

    So Aela is on the verge; I'm getting more tired each day and having a harder time focusing. I don't wanna put holds on ALL progress until she gets here tho. So things will just be slow for a while ;O; I'm trying to do a couple of scripts and bug fixes and then I'll be restricting to just art for a while so I don't end up derping code from saving and leaving it for a while (and forgetting my place, most likely).

    I'll let you guys know when I'm going to be offline tho; it might be for 2 or 3 days, but shouldn't be much longer than that before I can update you guys on everything. If needed, I'll have my husband log in and leave you guys a news article (I apologise now if he's goofy) while I'm away.

    But yeah, I'm pretty sure she'll be here within the next week or so (or I'm just gonna be funky as hell for 3 more weeks ;O;).

    As an update on my plans for the art, I'll be revamping all the existing items and making multi-layered bases for tack items.

    The base would be the simplest version of the item (basic saddle, basic bridle, basic boots or saddle pad) and there will be fancy additions (like rhinestones, braiding or detailed stitching) that will be layered on to make the item fancier and fancier until it gets to a high tiered item.

    The animal companions that Kaos hasn't done (you guys probably haven't seen a lot of these items in Pony) will also be revamped and I'll be doing the image overlays when I can (each will have a few different poses to make them adorable and what not). I have Soda (#1528) revamping the Dalmatian and Akita (and I'm pretty sure the Australian Shepherd...) and once those are done, I'll show you guys the results!
    And, just so you guys know, we'll be expanding how many of each pet there are to cover all of the basic sport stats (intelligence, agility, charisma, speed, stamina, strength) and that means an end to the one stat boosted by the same companion type issue I'm sure you've noticed.

    If I have time after revamping some things, I'll work on adding other items that we'll be needing in V2: Crate Bases for the supply crates, Crafting Items (leather, thread spools, metal ingots, buckles, etc), and Profession items (seeds, vaccine bottles, needles, fertilizer, riding crop, etc).

    I also have to finish the art for the rider avatars. I don't have that on this computer, but I'll get on that too. I currently have the adult and child/teen-ish? version of both male and female players, but I wanted to add an androgynous base that can be either male or female for both age ranges as well. Then there's the need to base and add facial features and skin tones for you guys to pick from and adding clothes.

    Also, after I finish adding in the facial features and the portrait images, we can start designing our NPCs! What I'm thinking we can do is throw an NPC builder script together where you guys can pick their name, job, gender, and breed or sport preferences and then a separate area where you can design faces for the NPCs and then they're randomly paired with an identity of a matching gender? And of course, giving a warning if there's an NPC face that already looks exactly like that (same facial features, skin tone, etc) to prevent clones...

    So yeah, that's what I've got planned for art and this turned into a much MUCH longer news post than I had intended, but much ado, eh? So I'll try to get those scripts finished sooner rather than later and then I'll be finishing up the list of breed art I've started before starting my revamp rampage. I'm rambling... I'm done. Sorry ;O;

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    Art Update: Andalusian is Complete!

    Posted on

    Hey guys! So I actually finished this guy a couple of days ago, but I wanted to leave Shino's gorgeous Chincoteague up for a bit (because it is just too cute) - and just to have a little bit of a break between art updates ;)

    Without further ado, here's the breed art I've completed for the Andalusian!

    Chestnut Mock-Up

    Black Mock-Up

    Extra color previews just for fun ^_^

    Hope you guys like it!~

    And I've started the Akhal-Teke over on my art update thread, feel free to pop by and have a peek; I'll be updating over there later on :D!

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    Chincoteague Breed Art!

    Posted on 06-01-18 7:06

    I finished the Chincoteague! I forgot to make this news post when I did xD I've started on the Gypsy Vanner because FLOOFS and I'll post the sketch once through! ;D

    And, while you guys are here, let me know if you'd like the options for the feathering around the hooves to be removable! I was thinking we can have that painted in like the manes and tails so we can add different lengths of feathering

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    Let's Party Hard, Then?

    Posted on 05-31-18 8:58

    I just realized that the script that automatically delivers your credits after a donation has been giving the bonus credits the entire time since I set it LAST OCTOBER! Woo xD So, since you guys already have your credit bonuses, I decided we can go ahead with the Forever Upgrade sale a day early too!

    I haven't finished the icon for the First Anniversary item, but I'll have that done before tomorrow ends ;3

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    Shift in Show Creation

    Posted on 05-30-18 4:28

    I changed the way you guys can make shows. It bases your total shows off of how many arenas you have.

    Regular arenas can make 5 shows per day; deluxe facilities can make 10 per day and you can make 5 shows without any if you are a normal account and 10 shows without any if you're an upgraded account.

    This should make up for the drop in default shows without putting a load on the system.

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    Impending Account Sales & Forever Upgrades

    Posted on 05-29-18 1:36

    I decided that when we go to do our discounted Ruby sale on the 1st, I'll also allow forever upgrade purchases during that time and wanted to let you guys know that I'll be willing to offer a return on our current upgrade time if you plan on buying a forever upgrade.

    3 months - 1 Ruby/HS per month (3 Rubies returned for a full 3 months)
    6 months - 2 Rubies/HS per month (12 Rubies returned for a full 6 months)
    1 year - 2 Rubies/HS per month (24 Rubies returned for a full year)

    The reason I'm offering this is because I didn't think it'd be fair to have you guys pay for an upgrade and then still pay MORE for a forever upgrade when your upgrade timers aren't rolling down. I will be adding a small script to the exchange page to make sure this works automatically before you guys need to use it.

    As for the impending account sales, I wanted to see who was interested in which account numbers. If you are the ONLY player that wants a particular number, I'd be willing to offer a flat sale price for it (plus the costs of extras) but if there's more than one person, it'd have to go to the auction page. I want to be fair while I do these account sales.

    Here are the prices I had in mind for the accounts:
    $1 for 5000+
    $1.5 for 4000 - 4999
    $2 for 3000 - 3999
    $2.5 for 2000 - 2999,
    $5 for 1000 - 1999,
    $7.5 for 500 - 999,
    $10 for 200 - 499,
    $15 for 100 - 199,
    $20 for 50 - 99,
    $25 for 20 - 49
    $30 for 10 - 19
    $40 for single digits

    I know that auctions are a hassle, but its the fairest way to do them (and they will have a buyout price and snipe guard if I code them correctly the first time) if more than one person wants the same ID number.

    Please remember the accounts are for sale for USD purchase to help with funding for Pony (we might need to upgrade to a new server ;O;) and the account extras are available for both USD and Ruby/HS purchase.

    I'll keep an eye on this news post for a while and if no one asks for the same number you do in a 48 hour period, I'll go ahead and let you claim that account (you can either claim it now on V1 or claim it for V2 merge).

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    Potential Resolution for the Logouts

    Posted on 05-28-18 10:03

    I think I might have solved our issue with being booted from Pony for only a few minutes of inactivity, but I can't really tell if it worked.

    Let me know if you guys are able to go for longer periods of inactivity before needing to log back in?

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    V2 Progress: Sports, Non-biased Judges and Starting Show Creation Scripts

    Posted on 05-28-18 1:41

    I wanted to let you guys know of the progress I've made since yesterday on V2.

    I added 2 scripts to ease the process of adding both sports and NPC judges into Pony V2.

    With the 'Add Judge' script, the only thing I pick is their name and their bias (if they have one); Pony v2 will automatically set a base price for judging a show and a per-horse fee for the show's completion. The costs range from 1-5% of the prize for the base fee and +0.5 - 2% per horse and their personalities are on a scale of 0 - 10 with 10 being the most prudish. The more self-absorbed the judge, the faster they'll change their fees!

    The 'Add Disciplines' script lets me choose which stats are important, which are damaging and what personality stats can improve or weaken your horse's scores. With having 6 different areas that effect a sport, this opens Pony up to having a LOT of sports because it'll take more to repeat the stats!

    I also wanted to point out that sport stats may be changing in V2. This is because on V1, there's stats that don't actually exist so they needed to be added and there's stats in V2 that don't exist in V1. Here's the rundown on what sports have which stats (+++ is primary stats, ++ is secondary, + is tertiary, - is a stat decrease and the personality stats are + and - for a boost or decrease, respectively)

    Dressage [+++int | ++agi |+cha || +trust | -diff]

    Barrel Racing [+++spd | ++agi |+str || +excit | -diff]

    Cattle Work [+++stm | ++int |+agi || +diff | -excit]

    Cross Country [+++agi | ++stm |+cha || +trust | -diff]

    Driving [+++str | ++stm |+spd || +trust | -excit]

    Eventing [+++stm | ++agi |+spd || +trust | -diff]

    Jousting [+++spd | ++str |+cha || +trust | -diff]

    Polo [+++stm | ++agi |+spd || +excit | -diff]

    Racing [+++spd | ++stm |+agi || +excit | -diff]

    Saddleseat [+++int | ++stm |+agi || +trust | -diff]

    Show Jumping [+++str | ++spd |+agi || +trust | -diff]

    Western Pleasure [+++agi | ++int |+cha || +trust | -diff]

    Gymkhana [+++cha | ++int |+spd || +trust | -excit]

    And, if you've noticed, we'll be regaining Gymkhana in V2! I noticed that V1 had it coded in at one point and it was removed from shows and training facilities, but I figured we can toss it back in on V2! Gymkhana will be able to train and host shows in Deluxe arenas, Outdoor arenas and Indoor arenas on V2.

    With these scripts completed and there being not only sports to write the code for, but judges to assign to the shows, I'll be starting the code to make shows in V2. This should be a lot faster than it was to write the other codes because all of the information is in Pony's database; I only need to write the code once to have it select the correct sport and a judge at random.

    After this, I'll work on figuring out how to train horses in our arenas. Once we can get the shows and arenas going, I'll start moving the mods over for training. They'll train for about 2 weeks before I start letting everyone else over in small groups.

    Edit: Additional Notes -

    I'm changing up the way entry fees work on V2 by a few things:
    ~ Increasing fees on show ranks; shows will start at $15 per horse and will go up $5 per rank ($15 at under 200s, $20 at 201-400, $25 at 401-600, etc)
    ~ Prize pools will start at 5x the entry fee ($75 for under 200, $100 for 201-400, $125 for 401-600, etc) and go up by the entry fee per horse entered

    And, as a reminder, the prize pools are going to be divided between the show creator, the facility hosting, the judge and the winners; winners will take 60% of the pool, the judge will get their base fee + per horse fee, the facility will get their hosting fee and the show creator takes the remaining amounts.

    Default Trainers will host shows at $100-$500 per show, but can hold 15 - 45+ horses (hadn't decided how deluxe arenas will work yet) per show and host all show types.

    Once I get into the training arena scripts, I'll be working out how to host shows there (if they're yours, its free) in addition to the resolutions for the space factor. Restricting the timeslots should be easy (just running a check to make sure there isn't a show scheduled to run on the same day and hour...) but I won't hold my breath, Pony likes to trip me up when I get cocky x'D

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    Show Script Revamp! Closing Auto Shows!

    Posted on 05-27-18 5:58

    With the revamp of how shows are created, I'm going to install this new script in on V1 because its a million times more efficient than our current show system.

    Right now, there's 10 shows being made in every 200 stat bracket up to 4000 stats! That's 200 shows per sport and 2400 total shows being made per day!

    With my revamped script, it calculates how many horses are trained in that sport and in the stat bracket. For dressage horses, it made a whopping total of 30 shows. That's a huge difference!

    So, to ease the burden of the excess shows, I'll be closing the show creation today (so it won't run at midnight) and around 10 -11:30 PM Pony time, I'll be wiping ALL default shows that have no entries and ONLY shows with no entries (so you guys don't have to lose your money and not get a reward). I'll be installing the new script and setting it to run twice a day (midnight and noon Pony time/ EST) from here on out.

    I'll also be keeping an eye on how well horses are able to enter shows since there's a huge drop of how many shows are being made. If there's a need, I'll increase how many shows are able to made by players.

    Shows have been flushed!

    I have kept all the shows in the range of what has entries, but some sports have no competitors running and all their shows were wiped. If you need extra shows because your sport is empty, let me know!

    I also have the cron to run 4 times a day instead of twice! That means every 6 hours, it will make more shows! With how few its producing now, this is still a lot fewer than how I had it set before ;w;

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    V2 Progress: Dynamic Show Scripts!

    Posted on 05-27-18 11:43

    I had been testing here to create shows based on how many horses actually need them and I've had success in achieving that goal! For V2, there's a little more scripting I'll need to do to set up the NPC judges into the shows, but the basics are completed!

    Now, the real reason for an entire news post that's pushing Kaos' gorgeous Welsh Pony art down is because I wanted to know if you guys would want me to install this new script into V1 to ease the load of shows that are made? Right now, there's 10 shows being made for every 200 stat point ranks in every discipline up to 4,000 stats! D: That's almost 3000 shows per day being made and most of them go unused!

    If I add this new method of show creation in, it'll pull the burden of how many shows Pony is creating by only making what's needed (with the code to add more as they become necessary) and will make the show searches (that lag like hell) load in much faster! And, to aid new horses being created, I'll run it twice a day (Noon and Midnight) instead of just at midnight. Let me know what you guys think!

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    Art Update: Welsh is complete!

    Posted on

    Hey guys! Kaos here! Just invading your space with an art update to let you all know that I have *finally* finished the Welsh-breed artwork! Sorry it took a while to get there, but hopefully from here on out the other breeds I do will be a bit quicker paced, now that I've got my shading method down pat.

    All that aside, I'll get on with what you came to see, shall I? :D

    Obviously these aren't genuine colors, they're just mock-ups to illustrate what the Welsh breed base is going to look like with some color on it!

    I hope you guys like it :) I've already lined the next breed - the Lusitano! - so keep an eye out on the sneak peek thread (here) if you'd like to see it progress.

    That's me for the night, rambling all finished - over and out! 8D

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    Lots Of Updates!

    Posted on 05-26-18 9:51

    I did a lot of things today and yesterday that I didn't stop to make a news post about so I'm bundling all of these into one!

    TOS and Rules Updates

    I did a rewrite of some of the rules and terms of service for Pony. These rules and TOS will follow into V2.

    One rule I did away with was no cursing, but I need to emphasize that your ability to curse on Pony does NOT and WILL NEVER grant you the ability to curse at another player or use racial or derogatory slurs. Anyone caught using those terms will only have ONE warning before they're banned from Pony.

    Mod Box Rewrite!

    I spruced up the old modbox to make it more complete. It now is an avenue for mod/player dialogue when there is a report made or updated, making it possible for the player to know their report has been seen and is being handled actively! New reports will send an alert to all mods online; claims, updates and closings on your report will notify you and your updates and closing of the report will notify the mod that has claimed the report so they'll know if you no longer need help.

    Alert Timestamps and Read Alert Wipe!

    I added timestamps on alerts! Now you can see when an alert was made instead of being left in the dark! I also wiped all read alerts from the database (there were over 700k alerts!! WOW!) so everyone has a clean slate!

    Frozen Upgrade Timers Until V2!

    I have put all upgrade timers on ice until V2! Upgrades are going to transfer over when we merge, but it'd really suck to have ran out of your upgrade while we're on V2 doing testing!! SO upgrades won't count down anymore until V2 is live!

    Small Inventory Change

    I changed the way the "Assign Item" box looks a little so it stands out better! Kaos pointed out that someone mentioned that it really blended into the rest of the page when you only had a few horses needing that item type so I added a border around the Assign area to make it more visible :D

    Discounting Ruby/Horseshoe Buys

    In 2 weeks (June 9th), it'll be the anniversary of the day I bought Pony from Katie and I kinda wanted to celebrate our first year! So on June 1st until June 9th, I'll have a 50% bonus on your ruby purchases (Buy 2, get 1 free!) and everyone will get an exclusive Shino's 1st Anniversary Plush! On V1, it will boost ALL stats by 2 points! A first for any item!
    On V2, it will boost ALL stats by 2 points and Trust (a very important stat in V2) by 8 points as well! When the time comes for that to be released, I'll post a link were you can collect it! When I finish its image (I only have it sketched out on paper atm ;w;), I'll edit this news post with the thumbnail of it!

    Okay, I think that's everything I wanted to mention.... I can't remember; I did a lot of coding xD If I forgot, I'll edit what ever it was in! lol

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    Welcome Back!

    Posted on 05-25-18 11:16

    So its only been a couple hours since some of the accounts have gotten the emails notifying you of Pony's resurrection and I've seen some new-old faces online!

    Welcome back to Pony!

    I'd like to start by mentioning if you're just returning, there's a large cash start up that I had added to the end of the help guide that will NOT be there if you reset! Do the initial run of the help guide and collect that start up money before doing anything else!

    Second, if you've received multiple emails, it is most likely because you have multiple accounts on one email and you should change this! If you have received more than THREE (3) emails with different usernames attached, it is because you have more than three accounts! Take this time to decide which three accounts you want to KEEP and privately message me (#1879) which accounts you want deleted! Do not transfer any money or credits from the accounts you are forfeiting if you are over the 3-account limit because that will automatically make you break the rules and you LOSE your one chance for amnesty!
    If you have recieved duplicate emails with the same username, check the ID following your own! If it is a duplicate (possibly before it was prevented for accounts to share the login username) and you would like access to your extra account, please send me a message to change the duplicate username! If this duplicate username surpasses your 3-account limit, please let me know!

    If you have any questions regarding who I am and why I've bought Pony, feel free to ask! I'm an open book!

    If you have any grievances or problems, let me know!

    If you no longer wish to have your account on Pony, please feel free to change your username to DELETE and I'll have it removed!

    If you plan on staying, I thank you and hope I make you proud! Please don't hesitate to post suggestions on features you think would be great in Pony's V2!

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    Email Script Working!

    Posted on 05-25-18 12:29

    So I finished that mass email script! :D It isn't running fast (intentionally) so it might take a while for all the emails to finish sending.

    Additionally, I forgot to make it so active accounts don't get the email, but you obviously know we're still around xD If you get the email, your account won't explode if you ignore it or delete it lol

    Let's hope these emails being set out will bring some more life back into Pony, eh? :D

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    Add Heights?

    Posted on 05-24-18 12:12

    I had this idea in mind for a while and kept forgetting to ask you guys how you felt about it; how does it sound for Pony's horsses to have heights?

    The height will be around the breed's average hands high with a chance at a few inches higher or lower than average and the height of your horse will be inheritable to its foals (taking an average of the parents with random leeway). Store horses would be rather generic with a range of 5HH around the average (2HH lower and 2HH higher), but foals can be bred to be smaller or larger than the breed average (with a bit of luck and a lot of consideration) if that is something you'd like to aim for.

    The reason I ask is because I had been updating the recode tracker and the breeding script had a height-centric feature of mares needing to be of a similar height to the stallion because if the foal is too big, she'll have trouble foaling irl. I was thinking of making it so this is how V2's breeding works. If the stallion is more than 3HH taller than the mare, there's a chance the foal will be too big for her to birth naturally and you'll need to call in a vet (unless you are one!) to birth the foal. If this were to happen, you would get an alert day the foal is to be born so you can visit the mare's page to assist (which will automatically 'birth' the foal with a very VERY slim chance at foal death barring lethal white syndrome).

    I even made this simple generator to randomly set horse heights for a stallion, mare and their illusionary foal! :D With a note to mention if the foal is a little bigger or smaller than its parents' average!

    Adding the heights would be easy to do NOW if we're going to because I haven't done much that would need them incorporated beyond the add breeds and breeder purchase script (updating that for heights would be fast and easy). I just wanted to ask this now before I get too far into other things that would make adding the heights into the game later problematic.

    Just let me know what you think.

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    Recode Tracker and Mod positions FILLED (that was fast xD)!

    Posted on 05-23-18 7:06

    I was browsing through Pony's files and found an old script to track V2's recode that I had started back around when I first bought Pony from Katie! I not only finished it, but spruced up some of the code (because I've improved since last year xD) to make it a little better than what I had started with!


    Most of the tasks being tracked are old things that need updated for better details, but a few are new that I was testing the code with! I am planning on spending a few hours tonight and tomorrow with updating the old tasks and adding new ones so you guys know what all is going to be happening in V2's recoding.

    I'll try to include whether the task needs other tasks finished prior to its start, but not all of the tasks will need to piggy back on other codes ;3

    Mod Positions Are Filled

    I was planning on having a group of 5 mods to start V2 with and had previously promoted Kaos (because she works so hard for Pony), but the remaining 4 slots have been filled!
    Congratulations to Cosiel, Jen, Purpleponies (also called Alora in chat) and Cora! You guys are a wonderful set of players and have not only the sense of fairness and understanding, but the patience you'll need to keep order on Pony!

    Additionally, Alora and Cosiel are doubly congratulatory because they are also accepted as Pony's first two Mentors!

    There are still positions for more Mentors open and further Mod applications that meet the requirements will be held on reserve for when we'll need to expand the team!

    EDIT: I'll let you guys know when we'll be able to start your training on V2's server! There's a few more scripts I'm trying to put together before then ;3

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    Staff Applications Are Available!

    Posted on 05-23-18 1:43

    I finished the entire application page! You guys are able to start, save and submit applications to become a moderator or a newbie helper (mentor) in V2!

    I have it set so submitting an application sends an alert automatically.

    I also have a link for the applications set up at the top of the Avenue page for easy access!

    Staff Applications!

    If you have any problems with the form, let me know!

    EDIT: It would help to mention that I'm looking for a total of 5 mods and 7-10 newbie helpers (mentors)

    The reason being is when we move into V2, the way Newbie Helpers (Mentors) are going to work is they will be assigned a newbie (at the new player's request) to help the new player learn how to play Pony V2!

    The Mentor that is selected will be done by:
    A) Who is online and available for extensive questions (there will be an area to accept or refuse a newbie if you have no time);
    B) By count of your proteges (there will be a section in the database to count how many newbies a Mentor has helped and it will cycle through the lower counts first)

    And, so you guys know, I've been thinking of calling our newbies Proteges instead. It sounds elegant xD
    Accounts will have protege status on them for 1 week or until they reach rider level 5 (which ever comes first)

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    Shout Out Work Up!

    Posted on 05-22-18 12:34

    I made it so you guys can now post HTML in your shouts!

    Please be very wary of your code in the shouts because if you break it, you'll need to delete your shout! D:

    BUT, now you can! :D You'll also be refunded for the days you didn't use!

    Or, if you need to keep your shout active a while longer, you can extend your shout time for an additional $150 per day!

    I have also made it so Mods can make announcement shouts for 100 or 1000 days! They're free, but we don't get refunds for these shouts if we delete them early xD

    Let me know if there's any problems and I'll get on fixing it right away!

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    Vacant Account Page!

    Posted on 05-21-18 8:57

    So I've finished putting together the page for you guys to see which accounts are vacant and available for future sale! There is a link on the Avenue page beside the merging logs!

    Vacant Accounts

    It's been set up so you can see which ones are available (starting with the lowest) all the way up to #300 for now! There are a LOT more still available beyond that, but I don't want to crash the page by loading them all... xD I also have a script to make it so I can reserve accounts manually. And if you go to the bottom of the page, under the "Reserved Accounts" section, there's a count on which vacant accounts are already claimed! If you buy one, it will also tell you how much of each bonus you ended up with (but only you and I can see that!) after the auction's end!

    One small feature I have left to add is the ability to edit the accounts that have already been claimed (So you can buy more supplies for USD/Rubies or sell some of what you have in exchange for Rubies). Once that is added, you can message me directly for additional purchases.

    While you guys are welcome to browse the available accounts (the links go to the empty account's page, so there's no information to see :o But still...) and search for your favorite ID numbers, please know that I won't be starting the sales just yet!

    I have plans to put together an account auction page where I can set up the account for sale with a starting bid, a minimum increment and the buyout price for those who want to just pay for the account straight out (and I'm looking into seeing if there's a way to automatically send a Paypal invoice for a completed auction). There will also be the ability to buy add-ons to your account buy if you win, but the auctions will be a slide style auction: The more that's bid, the more you get!

    My plan is for each account to get an upgrade (either 1 year or forever), a hefty bag of $PB, bigger barns, deluxe facilities and a lot of land for V2! And, when you buy one of these accounts, you'll be able to decide if you want the account NOW or if you want to wait until V2!

    But, Shino! What if I already have 3 accounts?! Fret not, my darlings! If you already have 3 accounts, you can select one of your accounts to forfeit! All the items, money, horses and everything you own will be moved onto either your new account or onto one of your other two accounts.

    If you have any questions regarding the accounts available or what prices I've been considering, feel free to post and I'll get back to ya! ;3

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    Rollover Derp! My Bad!

    Posted on 05-21-18 1:11

    When I changed the script to make so claims on research breeds was limited, I botched it a little and it stopped the rollover from happening since then! D:

    And then I screwed up further by accidentally rolling over twice xD

    To make it up to you guys, I gave everyone 12 bonus training sessions on their horses and 20 extra plays on Higher or Lower!

    EDIT: I set back the ages so you guys don't lose that extra day of showing!

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    Inactive Accounts Got the Sweep!

    Posted on 05-21-18 1:40

    If you weren't here to see chat at the time, there was a lot of inactive accounts in the database that I couldn't find worth the salvage.

    While most accounts had an email for me to contact the owner regarding their account, over 4,000 accounts didn't! D:

    Since there was no way for me to contact them with no email nor a way for them to recover their (most likely forgotten) passwords, I decided to wipe out all of the accounts with no associated email.

    There was also a handful of accounts frozen from old players breaking the 3-account limit rule that got removed to be reclaimed.

    But the account cleaning isn't over yet! Once I get a script together, I'll be sending a mass email to all accounts (barring the ones active within the last 2 months or so) mentioning Pony's still alive and kicking! If the owners of those accounts still don't log in after 2~3 months, those accounts are going to get the boot as well! I'm going to give them plenty of time to log back in and either elect for their account to be deleted or to join us for fun in V2, but a large portion of the accounts that exist haven't been active in over 2 years (and quite a lot haven't been active in more than 5)!

    And, with these newly available accounts, there's going to be (at some point in the future) an account auction! I'll be putting together prices based on the account's number, the forever upgrade it will have and any other bonuses I think to add! I'll let you guys know when that is due to begin and which accounts are going to be available first :D

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    Let's Do Pedigrees In Detail

    Posted on 05-20-18 2:36

    So a few news posts back, I was wondering how we could do pedigrees in V2. I decided to calculate the contribution an individual horse would have to a bloodline based on its position in the pedigree and here's the numbers (though I did round up a bit around generation 10+):

    10 generation pedigree:
    2: 50% (2 horses)
    3: 25% (4 horses)
    4: 12.5% (8 horses)
    5: 6.25% (18 horses)
    6: 3.125% (32 horses)
    7: 1.5625% (64 horses)
    8: 0.7812% (128 horses)
    9: 0.39062% (256 horses)
    10: 0.19531% (512 horses)
    15 generation pedigree:
    11: 0.0976565% (1,024 horses)
    12: 0.0488275% (2,048 horses)
    13: 0.02441375% (4,096 horses)
    14: 0.012206875% (8,192 horses)
    15: 0.0061034375% (16,384 horses)
    20 generation pedigree:
    16: 0.00305171875% (32,768 horses)
    17: 0.001525859375% (65,536 horses)
    18: 0.0007629296875% (131,072 horses)
    19: 0.00038146484375% (262,144 horses)
    20: 0.000190732421875% (524,288 horses)

    With this set of numbers in mind, it would be a little extreme to have the 20-gen pedigrees I would think... So, what we'll do is have a short-pedigree of 5 generations on the horse's page and then the long pedigree of 10 generations and extended pedigree of 15 generations on a separate page.

    And, with these numbers in mind, you'll be able to see how much (or how little) blood a horse passes on for its breed in the pedigrees.

    I also wanted to see how 'pure' a horse would need to be to be considered pureblood after an out cross breeding? I'm thinking after 11 generations, a single out out crossing would be reduced to less than 0.1% and the horse is over 99.9% of one breed so it would be fair to call it pure, yeah? But, this would only happen if the linage only ever breed out to another breed once.

    And this makes me think of breeds that can be made exceptions for. From what I understand, a Quarter Horse is essentially the same thing as a Paint Horse, but Paints have large white markings (like splash or tobiano). And the line between a Lusitano and an Andalusian is just as blurry. I'm sure there are a lot of other breeds that have minimal distinctions between them (Like Hanoverians and Thoroughbreds I think?) and can be considered either or, so what would we do for these with breeding?

    Should we make it choose the breed before it generates the color (based on the parent's genes, regardless of the breed) or should we have the color determine the breed? Or would you guys want to see what the real breed registries say in regards to this?

    I wanted to see what you guys think we should do since the breeding and foal creation script will be extensive and knowing how we'll be doing this small part of it will make coding it effectively the first (hundred) time(s) easier!

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    V2 Progress: Testing Center

    Posted on 05-20-18 12:49

    As a quick thing on V2, I decided to put together a page where you guys will be able to get a lot of money, credits and barns instantly to test with.

    This will only be available during testing and none of the things you can get will be saved in the merge, but I figured this would help with testing out the mass purchasing and other features that will require a lot of space and money/credits!

    Edit with Comment Info: There's gonna be a link on V2's navigation bar to get to it and you can just hit the button on what ever you need :3

    There's a set of buttons to get 500k, 1mill and 1bill PB, a button set to get 50, 100 and 500 rubies and a button set for a 50-stall, 100 stall and 200 stall barn.

    I'll also probably be adding more buttons to get more useful items to test with (like land, facilities and paddocks) since our goal will be to push Pony V2 to its limits and see what cracks :D

    I've already added in the ability to get 10, 50 and 100 acres of land I've gotta get the facilities and paddocks working correctly before I can do those :3

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